Sunday, September 16, 2012

Finding My Feet

 I wrote this 9/16/12  I lost my feet again shortly after this, I feel a little like I'm finding them again.  Sounds like I need a couple more posts to catch up!

I feel like I'm finally starting to get my feet under me as a mother of two.  Don't know that I would say that I've got all figured out quite yet but we're getting there.  I'm getting more rest (still not enough) and getting back to the essentials of laundry, dishes etc.  I'm finding it easier to be kind and loving and gentle with Croix.  Easier to take care of Maizy and Croix.  I think preschool has definitely helped.  It's so nice to have a couple hours a couple days a week to recharge.  He also loves it so it's good for both of us.  I still haven't gotten grocery shopping down!  When I take them both I end up wanting to cry by time I get home.  Seems like Maizy always ends up crying.  Croix is a nightmare.  He really is horrible.  And by time we get home I'm a stressed out mess.  I think I just need to plan on going when Brent is home in the evening.  Even that is a little tricky with Maizy still eating so often.  But we haven't starved so not doing too bad!  I'm sure in another month we'll be doing a little better still. 

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Erin L said...

Do you have a baby carrier that Maizy likes? I know that tiny babies have a hard time with a bjornn sometimes. I have a Moby and a ring sling and I put my baby in the Moby while I grocery shopped so that the toddler can still ride in the cart. I like my ring sling, too. If she doesn't like one maybe she'll like another.

Also, if you ever have 3, then shopping with 2 will seem a breeze.