Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Croix

 I can't believe my baby is three years old already!  Where did the time go!  He needs to to slow down!  (Enough exclamation points?  Well it's how I feel)  It seems like just yesterday this was our little man,
Ok maybe that was like 3 days ago
And this would have been two days ago 

Really this has to have just been yesterday!!!
 The stinker refused to look at me!
 My little Croix can't be this big already!!  There is no baby left in him!  Just such a big boy.

I did a birthday questionaire with Croix.  I plan on asking him the same questions every year and we'll see how things change.  

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How old are you?                                                                     3
What makes you happy?                                                         My toys
What is your favorite animal?                                                 Giraffe 
What do you like about them?                                                They eat leaves and have long necks.
What is your favorite thing to eat?                                         Cereal, Captain Crunch
What is your least favorite thing to eat?                                 He said sandwiches, but I don't thin the understood the question.  He doesn't like to eat lettuce
Favorite thing to do?                                                                Play a game
What is your favorite game?                                                   Checkers   (he's never played checkers that I know, he really loves his Chugginton Memory game)
What is your favorite TV show?                                             Chuggington
What is something you're really good at?                               Getting dressed
What is your favorite movie?                                                  Cars
What is your favorite color?                                                   Yellow
What is your favorite song?                                                    Old McDonalds Farm
Who is your best friend?                                                         Erin (Larson), Buzz and Woody, Max and Kate
What do you and Mom do together?                                     Play games
What do you and Dad do together?                                       Play games too
What is your favorite sport?                                                   I don't know, (He likes to hit a baseball in the back yard and kick the soccer ball around with Daddy)
What is your favorite place to go?                                          The City.  (He also like the library and the mall)
What is your favorite book?                                                   Chugginton, Mickey Mouse
What is your favorite toy?                                                      Letters
What is your favorite thing to do outside?                             Ride my bike
What is your favorite drink?                                                   Smoothies (Green smoothies)
What is your favorite holiday?                                               Birthdays
What do you like to take to bed with you at night?               Giraffe, and monkeys
What do you love about yourself?                                          Mirrors
What is your favorite thing about Maizy?                              Playing with her
What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?                      Play guitar
What is your favorite thing to do with Mommy?                   Play games
What do you want to be when you grow up?                         The Hulk

In case you have 9 minutes to spare here's a video of his interview.

Some funny things he says that I want to remember:
Happy Burpday.
Also.  He'll say something like.  I want chicken nuggets for lunch and also tater tots. Just seems so gorwn up to me.
Join me.  He'll be playing a game, or doing something and say, Mommy Come join me.
Maizy I sure do love you.
you OK.  When Maizy is sad and crying he'll tell her "you ok" over and over louder and louder (as if she can't hear him)
What's your name?  When asked him name he'll often spell it, C-r-o-i-x
Excuse me.  When you bump into him he'll tell you, excuse me.
I sorry I...   When he gets in trouble or makes a mistake he'll say, I sorry I spilled my water.
Mommy I said I love you.  I always tell him I love you when he goes to bed.  He'll say it back and if I don't acknowledge what he said he says Mommy I said I love you!
Sweep dreams. 
I her sister. She's my brother.  He still gets those mixed up.
Not et.  He don't say not yet, he says not et. 
Tomorrow sounds more like Tom-o.  And yesterday is yes-erday, he misses the t.
I need something.  Since he's not such a fan of nap time any more he'll often fake cry when I put him down.  I'll go ask him what he needs and he says "I need something"  he never quite knows what it is he needs so I usually just end up giving him a drink of water, or covering him up.
I said ummmm.  Croix likes to respond to questions with ummm.  Oftent I have a hard time figuring out if his ummm means yes or not.  So I'll ask him what he said and again he will say ummm.  I'll say yes or no, ummm.  Croix yes or no!  I said ummmm.  Oh this kid!
I said....when he thinks he said something funny, or smart, or he didn't like how we responded he'll say "I said....." and repeat himself.

He has gotten to be a real logical thinker.  He makes plans.  He's curious about everything.  His fingers are always in his nose and his hands are always in his mouth.  He still puts everything in his mouth.  He still loves to cuddle.  He loves to learn.  He's really enjoying preschool.  He loves nursery.  He's not a big fan of the pool.  He loves friends and play dates.  He's not so good at getting himself dresses (despite his interview answer).  He can do it, he just never seems to want to.  He plays independently very well.  He likes to help in the kitchen.  He is the messiest eater I've ever known, he doesn't use his silverware well and still prefers his hands over them.  He has not settled in on a dominant side, he eats, draws etc with both hands still.  He loves his family.  Maizy is already his good buddy.  He only goes to sleep during nap time every few days, but he crashes for 2-3 hours when he does sleep.  He sleeps well at night.  Bed time is around 7 and he sleeps till about 7.  He is strong willed and wants to do things his way and on his time.  He has a wonderful imagination.  He makes us laugh all the time.  He's a good eater. He loves to snag my phone or Brent's iPod and play games.  He can navigate through them with ease.  His memory is amazing!  He loves to read.  He makes funny faces.

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He is such a sweet heart and we love him more the I ever thought possible!  Happy Birthday my big three year old Croix!

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Karen said...

Adam refuses to look at me when I get the camera, too. He will see me grab it and turn around...I'll move...he turns around. I can't tell you how many files get deleted for just ONE of him looking at me!