Monday, January 18, 2010

New Work Clothes

I feel like I've become a classic episode of What Not To Wear. I spend most of my days in pajamas or work out clothes. The funny thing is I would watch that show and the scrubby Moms and think, that won't be me. Little did I know!! I've been spotted at the grocery store, walking in the neighborhood, even church meetings sporting pj's! You know what though, I think I'm ok with it! I've decided this is just my new work wardrobe. I figure what is the point of getting dressed and creating more laundry when I'm not even leaving the house. Also why put on nicer clothes when I know they are just going to end up with spit up, snot, tears, and slobber on them!

1 comment:

Kalena and Justin said...

I think that show is more suited for the moms who never find them selves again. When all your kids are in school and your still only wearing PJ's then I will start to worry, until them I love the practical work uniform.