Monday, January 18, 2010

Rice Cereal and Other Happenings

Croix had his four month check up almost a month ago! I'm finally getting around to sharing all the details. He weighed 14.7 which I'm sure he weighs 16 lbs by now! He's just growing too fast! How can I be saying it goes too fast already?!?! He's only 4 mo. old! He is a rolling pro now. He can worm himself all around a blanket, from one end to the other and spin himself all around. He is propping himself up on his arms when he is on his tummy. He is pulling himself to sitting and starting to sit up. Not so little any more! The bouncer is his FAVORITE!!!!! He bounces all the time! Even when he's not in his bouncer! He loves all the babies in the bathroom (his reflection in the mirrors). He has FINALLY started belly laughing. It was on of the highlights of my life!! Just like with his smiles he is stingy with his laughs. When he first started smiling it was like pulling teeth to get him to smile. Now he wakes up smiling. So I'm sure in the not too distant future he'll be laughing all the time. In the mean time I try my hardest to get him to laugh every day. I still get squeely laughs, but belly laughs are hard to come by. He has started eating rice cereal. He has done very well with it! He is over coming the instinct to push everything out of his mouth and is learning to eat! He has started teething. So far, not too bad. There have only been a couple nights of him waking up fussy. Also a couple really fussy days, but for the most part he just chews and drools on everything! He also now sleeps consistently through the night. He'll go to bed at 8:30 or 9 and sleep till 7 or 8! He is amazing! He has also started talking quite a bit. Here are some of my fav. pics of his 4th month of life!

He is Daddy's little buddy!


Trying out a teething ring, it is almost too big for his mouth.

There has been lots of snot, tears, spit up, and slobber!

He looks so big!

He loves to stand, but only for a second, then he's back to bouncing.

He went on his first hike. It was a night hike, he loved it, almost as much as Bosco and Rusty.

He's too cool.

"Check out my sweet ride"

Rice cereal, not sure what to think of it.

Helping Mom with laundry. This is how we all go upstairs. He really enjoys riding in the basket.

He is growing so fast. He is developing perfectly! We are grateful for his continued good health. We say prayers of gratitude every day for the joy he brings into our home!.

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