Monday, January 18, 2010

Sad Story

I'm going to tell you a sad story.

This story begins with a young couple, excited about life and their future. They purchased a home and after attending many real estate seminars had great goals for further investing. Their plan was to purchase this home, let it appreciate for 2 years. Then apply the equity acquired toward the purchase of a new home more suited for a family. Once they had another home they would rent out the small town home, with a little yard and no landscape maintenance required. Then along came an economise down fall. Rather then gaining equity the home they had purchased declined in value. The years passed, the family grew but they were still in the small home. Then one day they decided just for fun to look at some model homes. It was there they found the perfect home for the second step in their home ownership goals. Slightly larger, with 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms, an island in the kitchen, a single story, a GIANT yard. They fell in love! Despite the devaluation of their current home they tried anything they could think of to be able to purchase the perfect home they found. They contacted their mortgage friend, their millionaire real estate investor friend, their appraiser Uncle, but after trying every reasonable avenue it became apparent they would not be able to afford their dream. They told their parents about the home they found that they loved. Their parents were interested. They went and looked at the home. They loved it as well. THEY PURCHASED IT! Now on Sundays when the young couple goes over for dinner they have to listen to the progress being made on their dream home, being built for their parents.

Sad story right. It's true. It's our story. I even found 5 year goals we had written, this house, was described almost to a T. The difference between being able to afford it and having a job. It's taken me a while, a little prayer, a little humility, but I'm positive I'd rather be at home in my small home with Croix then in my dream while someone else is raising Croix.

**Just to make certain there is no misunderstanding I realize this is not really that sad of a story. I realize there are many people loosing their homes. There are many people who due to the economy can not afford one house. Those are truly sad stories. This is just sad for me.

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Kalena and Justin said...

It is a sad story, but you will love your dream home all the more when you finally do get it. And when your family moves in you can look at the thing you would change to your dream home to make it even more perfect. I know this is just the middle of this story it is going to end happy.