Sunday, May 23, 2010


Do you know what a staycation is? It's a vacation where you don't really go out of town. So you STAY but you are on VACATION so it's a staycation!

We hung out by the pool

Listened to some tunes

Croix chowed down on the shades

Too cool....with the drool

We had fun

and had kisses

We went out to dinner......Croix was bored

So he ate the table while we waited for our food

he also liked drinking water from the straw.

We just chilled in our room a bit

Portable baby food!

Then we met up with Aunt Crystal and went to Schnepf Farms peach festival

I couldn't resist. Maybe we'll have to make this a tradition and come back next year.

Just over two feet!

There was live music.

A train

And peach ice cream

He sure enjoyed Peach ice cream!

Then I started scheming.......

And there you have it. Crystal and I were in a peach pit spitting contest! lol

Eating our peaches

Get ready, here comes my pit spit.

Had to get a little power behind it

There she blows....It didn't really go very far.

they had an awesome train....Croix LOVED it!

peek-a-boo smile! Oh how I love that grin!

Checking out the bell

He really liked the loud bell!

Such a sweet face!

Climbing the ladder.

Look at those little feet working!

Checking it out!

We found this cool bike

As with all things, he tried to eat it.

They also had beautiful peacocks

The opened up all the way for us, but were stubborn and did not want to face us for a good pic.

We rode a carousel and Croix clung to it for dear life! ha ha

Then got a little more comfortable and started checking it out.

Aunt Crystal rode with us too.

He was too busy checking everything out to look at the camera.

It's cute!!

To end our staycation we went for a drive and saw a road runner! Great way to end the day!

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