Friday, November 12, 2010


The other day we went to a near by outdoor mall.  The weather was perfect, Croix loved the play area, it was great.  There was a moment that really made us laugh.  We were walking along.  Croix was holding Brent's hand.  I was pushing the ignored and unused stroller, Croix's too big now, wants to walk himself!  We walked past Victoria's Secret, Croix stopped, stared, backed up and smiled.  We laughed and said what a boy.  This morning Croix was in his high chair eating some bananas and cereal.  We were watching the morning news.  The weather guy was on location at a high school pep rally for the football game that evening.  The camera person panned over to the cheerleaders, jumping and cheering.  Croix claps, and smiles and signs more!
Oh dear!
My sweet little baby boy,  you are only one year old!  You are way too little to notice, or appreciate the opposite sex!  Stop it!
I hope this is not a foreboding sign of teenage years will be like!

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