Sunday, November 28, 2010

So Behind!

I'm so behind on blogging!  I had gotten behind and then my computer crashed (.I know are we all tired of hearing how my computer crashed?) so then I got even more behind.  My amazing friend pulled through and was amazing once again.  We we spared the cost of a new computer.  Which is such a blessing because that is not in our budget right now.  He had to wipe the hard drive though.  So it's like we're starting over with a new computer.  Thankfully it had crashed before so he had most of our stuff backed up on his server (he builds motherboards or something technical like that) so we didn't really loose anything.  Well we lost somethings, but not much, and nothing super important.  See it was such a blessing our computer crashed before!
I want to get all caught up, but I can't find the disk to reinstall our card reader, so I can't upload the pictures.  Sigh.  Hopefully I find it soon!  Lots of cute things to share!

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