Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Must Be In The Water

Everyone is pregnant again.  Well actually if I'm honest the number of people pregnant has probably never changed, what has changed is my desire to be pregnant, therefore my awareness of all the pregnant women.  Amazing how that happens!  It's also amazing to me how easily I went from not wanting to be pregnant yet, to I would be ok with getting pregnant, to wanting to be pregnant.  Thankfully I'm still just at wanting to be pregnant.  Hopefully I'll never get to the longing to be pregnant.  Hopefully we'll have no problems conceiving and we'll be able to add to our family here at some point in the near future.  It does make me nervous to know that my friends that are getting pregnant now are going to have babies when I would be at that longing stage (if it takes a while again).  When I think about that I realize there is nothing I can do about that, so I turn it over to my Savior.  I give him my fear. 

I was very excited by my natural pursuits for hormonal balence.  The day after my second foot zoning session I start a period, a very normal period!  I breathed a sigh of relief, said a prayer of gratitude, and hoped this was a promising sign for the future.  The high hopes didn't last too long.  I started spotting again.  I was tempted to get down about it, to be discouraged then I choose not to.  I choose to have hope and faith.  I choose to "come what may and love it"!  I did not let myself to got  a place of fear, for that is not a healthy or productive place, it does no good.  So I will continue to be faithful.  I will continue to be prayerful.  I will continue to be a wonderful mother to Croix.  I will continue to bask in the ever present love from Brent.  I will continue to love my life!

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The Frost Family said...

Terina you and both. I want to be pregnant and everywhere I turn there is a pregnant woman. You are so strong. I love your testimony and positive attitude toward everything. I miss being in the ward and going visiting teaching with you. You were an amazing companion and friend, just what i needed.