Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Phoenix Childrens Museum

Croix and I met up with our good buddies Mary and Hudson at the Phoenix Children's Museum.  It was pretty dang awesome! Croix and Hudson had an absolute blast!  I had a ton of fun watching Croix explore the place and have so much fun discovering new things. 

 Croix and Hudson making faces at them selves in the mirrors

 Croix the little cashier

 Croix and Hudson both loved weighing beans.

 How cool is this pickle car!
 They had a room where you sent a ball around the edge and down into the middle of the room, the ball hit things all along the way making noises.  The boys loved sending the balls down over and over!

The pictures don't even do the place justice!  It was awesome!  There are so many cool things for the little ones to do.  We were there for hours and never got bored.

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