Saturday, June 25, 2011

Swim Lessons

We signed up for swim lessons this summer.  Croix pretty much hated it when we first started.  In fact he hated it so much we dropped out! We started the end of May and the water was still just TOO cold for Croix (and me!)  Croix would cry "cold cold cold" and "out".  His little lips turned blue and he was shivering by time we were done.  That combined with the fact that I would be gone the last week of lessons at girls camp and my Mother in law would have to take Croix to his lessons was enough for us to drop out.  Don't worry we started back up two weeks later.  The water was warmer and my Mother in Law wouldn't have to take Croix to swim lessons.  He still thought the water was cold and didn't really love the lessons but he learned lots.  He now feels much more comfortable in the water.  He will put his face in and blow bubbles.  He knows how to do monkey walks (complete with monkey sounds).  He'll "float" on his back and tummy.  He will kick his legs.  He absolutely hates being dunked and going under all the way.  He did great!  So proud of our little man.

These pics cracked me up!  So despite the fact that Croix and I both look ridiculous I had to share...the evolution of a jump.

Monkey walks

Twinkle twinkles


"Under  water exploration"

Thank you Nikki for helping Croix learn so much!

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Heather said...

Yay for swim lessons! I wish we had signed up for some out here but next year we will have to take advantage of Miss Nikki's skills if she is still around. Go Croix!