Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sumer Visit

My sister Chelsea came for a visit this week.  She brought our nephew Seth along with her.  We had so much fun....the 4 of us hanging out every day.  We went to the pool, to story time at the library, the pool, kids club at the mall, the pool, splash pad at the mall, the pool, watched movies, played cars, did puzzles, read stories, the pool, snuggled, laughed, and had so much fun together.  Croix misses his buddies so much already!  All days since they've been gone he's said Seth's name a million times.  Always wondering where he is.

My favorite Seth moments of the week:
I tried to teach Seth that it's good manners to say excuse me after you burp.  He honestly thought I was crazy and replied with "no way" "you're crazy"  "Oh stop it".  Well one day at lunch he was being very demanding that I needed to get him a drink, not a please to be heard.  I looked at him with a bit of sas and said "excuse me?" to which he replied "did I burp?"

I asked Seth if he knew the difference between smooth and rough he said
" No I don't think so..ummm....hummm....Wait!  Yes!  Dogs go ruff ruff!

We had beans with dinner one night.  Seth was not so hot on the idea of eating them.  I said "Oh you should really eat your beans, the are so good for you!  Bean have fiber and fiber helps you poop".  He now doesn't like fiber!  LOL  I think I swayed him a bit when I told him apples have fiber, he loves apples.

We miss them already!   So glad Chelsea and Seth got to visit.

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