Friday, August 31, 2012

Taking Wagers

I think I should start taking wagers as to whether or not Maizy and I will be able to be successful at breast feeding.  We now both have thrush.  The odds seem to be stacked heavily against us.  If I could gamble and we were successful the payout would be huge!  Anyone out there able to set that up for me?

I started feeling a little burning in the middle of the night with her 3 AM feeding.  I called the doctor.  We have a prescription being filled for us should be ready soon.  I'll have to coat hear mouth and my nipples with it 4 times a day for 10 days.  If it is not completely cleared up we'll go for another 10, 4 times a day. 

My poor baby girl!  Just having one issue after another!  I wish I could just snuggle her all better, but since I can't I'm glad there are doctors that know how to help!

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Just US said...

Hang in there! With my youngest I had doctor after doctor trying to convince me the expensive formula was the only way to go but I stuck to my guns and breast-fed him until he was over a year old. Amazingly, as soon as we stopped he quickly out grew most of his allergies. I truly feel breast feeding gave him the time he needed for his insides to heal and mature. Go with what feels right to you!