Monday, December 17, 2012

Young Womanhood Recognition

 As a leader in the young women's program you can complete the personal progress program and earn the young womanhood recognition along side the girls. When I heard this I decided I wanted to do it.  It is easier for leaders.  Rather then having to do the required goals and then more from each value, you just have to do the required goals and one project per value (? Or maybe just a few projects?) rather then two per value.  You also have to serve in the YW program for at least a year (I served for nearly 3).  It was much easier to complete for other reasons too.  A lot of the goals are things I already do on a daily basis.  It made me smile to reflect on how I had completed these same goals 15 years ago.  It made me grateful I had done them back then.  I was able to see how they really did help me to prepare to be a mother, wife, and faithful daughter of my Heavenly Father.  I'm glad I put the time and effort into earning it as a young woman.

For my projects I made my bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding.


I also planted a garden.  Read the entire book of Mormon.  Organized a book club.  And I think some other things but it's been quite a while ago and I honestly don't remember right now!  :P  (this is why it's beneficial to blog right away rather then setting things aside in draft form forever)


I like this one a lot better then the one I earned 12 years ago, that one was gold, this is silver.  I had lost it some where along the way through all my moves.  I'm glad I earned it as a leader.  Helped me relate to the young women, helped me focus on what is really important as wife and mother and daughter of God!  I will proudly wear this one!  It's beautiful and so is what it stands for.

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Crystal-lynn said...

I'm working on Personal Progress again, as a leader. :) Just finished my first goal this morning. (well, besides the "share your feelings in a testimony meeting" part) ;)... I'm excited to be able to do it again, for a lot of the same reasons you said you're glad you did. It's awesome to know how much Heavenly Father loves the youth, & to know that no matter how old we are, we're still His beloved children.