Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The sell of our house was finalized.  The bank approved the short sell and accepted the buyers.   We went to title and signed papers.  It was a lot work to deal with realtors, prospective buyers, paperwork to be filled out, calls to be made, wait to hear from people.  And yet at the very end all we had to do was leave our keys in a drawer, walk out and just like that our home of six and a half years was no longer ours.


As much of a relief as it was to be out from under our house that was so upside down in value (it sold for almost exactly half of what we paid for it) there were tears as I packed up the final items.  As we did a final walk through to make sure nothing was forgotten.  It felt as if we were forgetting things because we couldn't take, the ceiling fan that we put up with the help of Brent's Dad or the shelves in our laundry room he helped us with.  We will never have a part of Jim in our home we had to leave that behind.  The tile floors we laid, the lighting fixtures we installed, the awesome paint jobs that I loved.  The room where we saw two pink lines for the first time after years of heart ache and trying.  The house we brought two babies home to.  The closet where Brent and I had our first knock down, yelling fight.  The spot where we found our dear Bosco.  The floor that was under so many firsts; rolling over, crawling, steps, boo boos, Christmases, Birthdays.  The front door that welcomed so many friends and that opened to wonderful neighbors (most of them, most of the time).  The sidewalk that led to the park where we spent hours with friends. 

That home was a huge part of our lives.  I'm forever thankful for the memories and love that were present there.  I'm so glad we get to take those with us.

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Crystal-lynn said...

Oh my gosh. This post made me bawl.