Tuesday, June 30, 2009

28 Weeks

Also know as 7 months!

We had an ultrasound on Fri. It was so cool! We saw Nutterbutter hold his foot with his hand! We also saw him take a big yawn and then stick his fingers in his mouth! We got a DVD of him doing that but it's some weird file type so I have to convert it to another type....blah blah blah. I will try and get it up, because it's pretty cool! We also got some 3D pic. I think it's kind of funny all the 3D pics look pretty much the same to me. But I also think newborns look pretty similar too! The ultrasound tech had a hard time getting a good 3D pic! She said the cord kept getting in the way. It was so weird, on the 2D it looked like it would be a great pic, then she'd switch to 3D and it would not be good at all! It was so cool to get a 3D pic of our little Nutterbutter! Even if it wasn't the best 3D pic ever! And it was so fun to see him moving around and doing different things! We can't wait till he's here!

The check up went well except one thing

I was so ticked when the Dr told me that! My Dr. and I were both shocked that I failed! I'm not quite sure how I failed! Brent keeps saying I didn't study hard enough! Ha ha funny boy! (eye roll) I didn't fail by much, they want you to be at 130 and I was 138. So she's very optimistic that I'll pass the 3 HOUR test. I'm just irritated I even have to take the 3 hr test! They will draw my blood 4 times in 3 hrs! And I have to sit in a stupid lab for 3 HOURS!!! As you can guess I'm not a happy camper about this! I think I'll eat nothing but meat, peanut butter, cheese and veggies for the next 4 days and then go take the test! Doesn't that sound delicious!?!?! So hopefully I'll go take the test again and everything will be great! That's what we are hoping and praying for.....do you want to say a prayer for me too? Thanks I appreciate it!

Also I was a little apprehensive about taking the test because all I've heard is how awful it is! The drink is nasty, the wait is torturous, etc, etc, etc. Well I just have to say I don't see what the fuss is all about! The drink tasted like a Gatorade. I brought a book so the hour went by quickly. It was no big deal! I was a little shocked when she went to draw my blood and had 5 viles! She just kept sucking the blood out of me!

I'm still feeling great! Massages and chiropractic really help my hip pain. Mostly the massages! Pepcid AC is my new best friend! It takes a minute but works much better then tums for heart burn and doesn't taste nasty! I laughed at my pregnant self the other day. I canned some cherries (post coming about that soon!) and after sitting at our tall dinning room table for hours with my feet dangling my feet had almost double in size! They were so swollen my toes couldn't even touch the floor! I laughed at that and then I laughed at my waddling self! I said to Brent I know now why pregnant women waddle! It's not a big belly, it's the big feet! LOL I really was so entertained by my pregnant self! Lets see if I'm still as amused 2 months from now :-D Also I felt him have hiccups for the first time the other day! Too cool! Although I hear that gets to be not so cool after awhile too! Things are great! Just praying I pass my test!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Workman Creek

We went camping not this past weekend but the weekend before. We had such a blast! It was so beautiful where we went. We planed the trip a while ago to "escape the heat" but the weather here has been really nice! We've barely topped 100 lately! So we weren't leaving excruciating heat but we did go enjoy the beautiful out doors! I think we found the most beautiful spot in all of AZ! Thank you Phil! We went with our good friends Heather and Phil. Our camp site was right next to a creek and it was up in the mountains and looked nothing like a desert! I think it even smelled better up there! We had fun fishing

While we were fishing Heather and I's tp (which was with us at all times seeing how we both have to pee at all times!) fell in the creek! We were both sitting in our chairs with our poles when it just fell and rolled down the rock right into the creek! It was just like a movie playing in slow motion! We both had stuff on our laps and couldn't jump to get it so mid sentence we stopped and just watched to go! SO SAD!!!! Heather went to retrieve it out of the creek, but it was a goner!

We also did some hiking,

as much as our prego bodies could take. Or maybe I should say my prego body! Heather was trucking along with no problems and two babies in her belly! We ate some good food, played some games. The boys did some shooting, or at least attempted to. That didn't work very well so they resorted to throwing rocks at the targets...balloons.

Young was the closest town. It has a booming population of 800 half of which are retirees! On the way we got a flat tire! So the boys fixed the car and Heather and I took pics! What else would we do! LOL

When we were there we ate at Alice's Restaurant and Cantina.

The restaurant was attached to her house! It was an add on!

Yup that's a restaurant!! It was one of only two restaurants in the town. I think we chose the wrong one to try! We walked in and had to bat away flies to find the table! Then when we were ordering I asked the server what was on the quesadilla and she replied "Oh honey I'm not the person to ask!'' LOL then who is?!?!? So she went and asked Alice! The food was awful! But the view was awesome! And we needed food!! So it worked! Next time though we know to go to the other restaurant and hope it's better!
When we got back to camp from town our awning had blown away into the creek!!

We went down to retrieve it and found our watermelon missing!!! SOMEONE STOLE OUR WATERMELON!!! And you know there is one thing you should never do.....mess with a pregnant woman's food! I was ticked! And literally let out a very loud, moan/howl
In retrospect it was quite melodramatic and over the top! But in the moment I was lamenting the theft of my delicious watermelon I had been waiting days to have! Don't think I got over it quickly either! I was still sad about it later that night!
We also went to two ranger stations at the very tops of two peaks!

The views were breath taking!

What else would you expect from this elevation!?!?!

The rangers are a special breed of man! They live up there for 6 months at a time! How boring and lonely! One of the rangers was smart and had a dog!
There was also a waterfall just up the road from our camp ground. It was so beautiful!

Over all it was just a great weekend!
To see the rest of the beautiful pics from the weekend go to our online photo album

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcome to the World Cate Olivia

This is.......

Cate Olivia Skiba
Our newest niece! She is perfect and beautiful! She was born June 4th weighing 5 lbs 14.5 oz! So tiny! He big brother and sister just love her! It was so cute as I was visiting at the hospital and Kierstie said to me "I can hold her, want to see!" It was so cute to see them with her! I also cannot verbalize my gratitude in being pregnant! The last time I was at that hospital was when my cousin was born. It was also the exact same day I had gotten yet another negative pregnancy test. As strong as I thought I was going to be when my Uncle asked if I was doing ok I broke down crying in labor and delivery. How grateful I am to not have to repeat that situation! What a sweeter experience it was to know that my turn is coming very soon! I was almost brought to tears as I left the hospital expressing a prayer of gratitude in my heart! I'm so grateful for miracles! And cannot wait for our little miracle to arrive!

Max, Kierstie, and Cate

26 Weeks!

Well the pics were taken at 25 weeks but I'm at 26 now (yeah just a little behind in the blogging) I'm feeling more pregnant now. My feet and hands have started swelling. My hips have started waking me up at night but at least it's only at night and I don't have constant hip pain! I had a Dr. apt yesterday where everything was great! I got a prescription for my itchy rash! Maybe I won't wake myself up scratching my belly anymore! I love that I can feel Nutterbutter moving around all the time. I used to just be able to feel him kick but now I can feel him just moving around! Pretty great. Oh and just a moment of clarification my How Are You Feeling post was not intended as a complaining post. I just honestly think it's funny that there is so much of pregnancy that people never really talk about! Even though a lot of the things are uncomfortable and unpleasant I'm so grateful I get to experience them! There are some people who never do and I'm so glad I get to! And in the end I get a baby!!!!! Can't beat that for ROI!

We've got the garage and other closets in the house cleaned out in efforts to make room for Nutterbutter. Still trying to get everything out of the baby room so we can get everything into the baby room! It was pretty funny the other day at church Brent leans over to me and whispers

"Your 24 weeks now right?"
I respond "Ummm hummm"
"That means your in the 3rd trimester right?"
"Ummm hummm"
"Wow we really need to get that baby room ready!"
It was really funny because I've been telling him this for quite a while. It was jut funny to see it click in his head! I can't wait to get it all cleared out and start painting and decorating! I have such a clear vision of how I want it to be! Now if I could just sell my piano and wedding dress!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This piano is very old and could be quite valuable if you had the time and money to put into restoring it. It is a numbered piano. It is old player piano, but the player part has been removed. There is no bench with it.
$500 OBO

Beautiful wedding dress

Beautiful, simple, elegant wedding dress. It has simple detailing of a small bow off centered to the left at the waist. Beautiful embroidery on small part of the skirt. Detailed buttons the length of the back of the dress. Size 0
$350 OBO
If you or anyone you know would be interested in either of these items just leave a comment on the post with your preferred contact info (phone, email, etc) and I will contact you. Please let anyone you know who may be interested in these items that I have them ava. We need to get rid of them! Thank you!

Friday, June 5, 2009

How I Want My Home To Be

Every now and then my brother Trenton makes the long drive from Prescott down to see us.....ok so it's not really that long but it is a bit of a drive. Every time he's here he ends up falling asleep on my couch! I secretly love that that happens! It is just a little bit of how I want my home to be! I've thought about this a lot! I want my home to be the kind of place everyone feels welcome! Where anyone could feel comfortable enough to fall asleep on the couch! I want my home to be the home where all of Nutter Butter's friends want to hang out! I want my home to be the place that has friends and good snacks, that smells nice, that is full of laughter, where you are always greeted and always leave with a hug. I want my home to be over flowing with love and loved ones! So the fact that Trenton always falls asleep on my couch, every time he comes to visit makes me really happy! It makes me feel like, even though he's family, my home is becoming the place I envision it to be!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How Are You Feeling? And The Cup Cake Story

I've thought and laughed about this post a lot. So I've noticed that everyone always asks how I'm feeling, always in regard to pregnancy. I've also notice and observed that most people really only want to hear about 3 things, cravings, morning sickness and fatigue. Other then that most people just don't talk about how they are really feeling. Either that or I'm the only one with way more pregnancy symptoms then those 3, and actually I haven't had any morning sickness so......

So I really just want to be honest with people when they ask me how I'm feeling! But I don't know that the world is ready for the honesty I'm capable of! So since I don't have to see the looks of shock and horror on your faces I'm going to be honest on here!

Over all I honestly have felt great, but I've had enough gas that I feel like I could bomb Iraq! I've also been getting heart burn so bad that I feel as though I could breath fire. I feel like I could be a side show at the circus, the fire breathing woman, watch out folks, don't get too close, you might loose your eyebrows! I could also show you a gnarly rash that started on my elbow, then it was on my shoulder, then my chest, then my low back, now my stomach. Don't worry it's finally after 2 months starting to clear up! The one on the elbow now looks like a man elbow, dry crusty and disgusting, any one need any sanding done? My elbow would be glad so come by and grind away, it's rough enough! Let's not even talk about the snail trail that's developed. If you've ever been pregnant you probably know what I'm talking about, if you don't be grateful. Despite my honesty I don't think I can go into details about this one. Just know it's not fun! How about constipation! Lets hear it for constipation, the pregnant woman's new best friend! Or the fact that my skin is constantly itchy and dry. Would you like to come and see my pimple garden. It's an area formally know as my back, chest, face. If you'd like to see you'd better come quick it's being taken over by a rash! If you've ever wondered what Terina would look like fat just come over in the evenings! At least my hands and feet will look fat! My toes and fingers turn into sausages! I also have basically moved to the bathroom. Between trying very hard to stay hydrated and Nutter Butter using my bladder to practice his super soccer kicking skills, I'm pretty much always there! No one warned me that my gums would become a bloody battle field after getting pregnant every time I floss! But they do! I really do enjoy waking up at night with painful hips, it's the highlight of my night! At least it add diversity and I'm not just always waking up to pee. How about the joy of raging hormones!! It's like being on a roller coaster all the time! An emotional roller coaster! Oh and wait I almost forgot pregnant brain! No it's not something people make up, it's real! I decided this after forgetting how old I was!!!! And basically forgetting everything!

These symptoms sometimes make for funny stories, for example sit back and enjoy the story of the cup cake. I had made cup cakes. I had a meeting and just before the meeting realized that I had a couple cup cakes, and strawberries, and whipped cream at home! My mind was imagining the best desert the world had ever know! I was distracted during the whole meeting thinking about how great it was going to be and taste!! I skipped desert after the meeting, rush home to make my delicious desert only to find that Brent had eaten the last of the cup cakes! (Enter crazy woman) I lost it! I was yelling,
"Brent!!! Did you eat the cup cake?!?!?!"
To which he meekly replied, "yes"
"How could you have eaten the cup cake?!?!? I was going to make a desert for myself!! With the cup cake, and strawberries, and the whipped cream!!!"
"I'm sorry!!"
"I've been imagining this all day! It was going to be so good! HOW COULD YOU EAT THE CUP CAKE!!!!!"
"I'm sorry do you want me to go to the store? I'll go buy you more cup cakes?"
At this point the fear and surprise in his eyes snapped me out of the crazy woman mode. I said no, that's ok. It's ok...........sorry! It's not a big deal......you didn't know....it's not a big deal......sorry for going crazy over a cup cake!

See funny right?!?! Yeah being pregnant is fantastic! I really do love it! I even have loved all the crazy symptoms! There have been a couple times I've had heart burn so bad that I just said my mantra over and over........It's ok I'm pregnant and it's all worth it! It's ok I'm pregnant it's all worth it! And weather you believe it or not the majority of the time when I grip about some down side of pregnancy it's usually followed by...but it's ok I'm pregnant. I really am just so grateful to be pregnant and enjoying every minute, good and bad!

Memorial Day Weekend

We had so much fun Memorial Day weekend! It was packed with all sorts of action! The best part of the whole weekend was my brother Cameron's graduation from Prescott High School! I'm so proud of him! He worked so hard and I'm just so proud of him!!!! Before the graduation we had a BBQ. It was a little crazy since Travis and Stef had brought Pepper and Taz (their fur babies) with them and we thought since they were staying with us it would be nice for the dogs to meet at a neutral place (not our house). So they got to meet at Trenton's house, they also got to meet Trenton's puppy and his roommate's puppy. Yes you are counting right that would be 6 dogs! In a pretty small space! But we had fun hanging out. It's not very often my whole family manages to all be in the same place at one time, so it's always nice when that happens! Here are some pics of the graduation.

Cameron and I!! Proud big sister!

Travis, Cameron & Stef (with a little sas!)

Travis and Cameron
Prescott was cold and rainy for the graduation but it was nice enough to stop raining just long enough for the ceremony! Then almost as soon as it was done it started raining again! Thank you to the Big Guy up stairs for that!
After the graduation Travis and Stef came down and stayed with us a couple days. We had lots of fun visiting but not nearly as much fun as our fur babies! They were all so cute together that we ended up taking tons of pic of them. And they were all so cute so I apologize for way too many picture of dogs! But we love them!!!!

Pepper, Taz, and Rusty romping around

Travis was at the bottom of a dog pile!!!

Bosco and Pepper were apparently quite comfortable with each other by the end of their visit!! LOL

Cute Pepper!

Bosco has no sense of personal space, and Taz kept getting jealous of Travis giving other dogs his attention!

Bosco found a new buddy, watch out Brent!

Taz doing what Taz does best, chew! I think he's worse then Rusty, I didn't know that was possible!!!

Rusty and Taz wore each other out! It was amazing!!

Also while Travis and Stef were in town my Aunt and Uncle and cousins came over to our house for dinner. It was lots of fun! But we had 6 adults, 6 kids and 4 dogs in our little town house! IT was cozy and fun! It's always nice to visit with my Uncle and his family!! My cousins are great!
Then Monday we had a BBQ with some friends. It was great! There was a slip n slide for the kids, good food, and even better company! It was a fantastic weekend!!!