Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Croix thinks climbing is great. I'm just glad his little legs are too short to really get him very far. I should have know that climbing would be an issue when he climbed the stairs just days after learning how to crawl! His favorite place perch is on top of the printer.

Look at those little legs getting to work.

Such determination!

Those cords are simply irresistible to him!

He also climbed into the laundry basket the other day!

He was so proud of himself when he made it in!

After I emptied the clean laundry I went and filled the basket back up....with Croix still in it.

He was oh so so so mad about that! hee hee

He also likes to climb into the dish washer, over his dogs, over his Daddy and Mommy or anything in his way. It has never occurred to him to go around something, always over. He's even tried to climb onto the couch using the empty toy box. We could be in trouble!


The Biglers said...

Kids are smart cookies. You just wait. Hehehe

Kalena and Justin said...

Oh ya big big trouble. And when he gets into those no no places he is just going to flash you a smile and those big blue eyes and you will melt.lol