Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Belive in Miracles

A dear friend of mine has been struggling with infertility. Her and her husband have male factor infertility. Their only option for having children of their own is IVF. They did their first treatment this month. She is pregnant! I prayed so hard for my dear friend! Although our situations are not the same in what caused the infertility the pain and the longing and the struggle are the same. I cried when she told me she's pregnant. Now for us infertiles getting pregnant is not the end of the story. There's more, hormones to support a pregnancy, more tests, more stress, the fear of miscarriage. Those first 12 weeks are scary. I have faith that my dear friend will have a wonderful pregnancy! She's earned it! I'm grateful for answered prayers.


Kalena and Justin said...

Thankgoodness heavenly father knows what we mean even if we are vage. They will be in our prayers for a super smooth pregancy.

Michael and Danielle said...

So excited for them! Thanks for introducing us...she has been a blessing!