Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We went on a picnic the other day. It was great fun!

This might be my new favorite picture! Just too cool for words!!

Croix and his Daddy checking out the lake

Oh how I love those two boys!

I love these two, it almost looks like he's giving a thumbs up!

Our picnic basket, love it!

He was way to interested in the picnic blanket
to bother looking at me and the camera!

Look at the concentration on that cute face!

We saw some ducks

And some people fishing, Brent cannot wait to take Croix fishing!

And some people flying kites

My to loves!

On the way home I sat in the back with Croix to entertain him. It seems he needs entertained constantly now. So to entertain myself while entertaining him, I pulled the camera back out.

Just chillin' in his car seat!

His little tongue is always hanging out now a days.

Drink in those eyes

I think we'll go on picnics more often. We had a great time!

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Kalena and Justin said...

He has such pretty eyes. Your genes did good mom! See this would be a great place to do family pictures. and you are getting to be a pro. Very cute day at the park.