Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Little Plane Little Buddies

We got this plane from Brent's parents when they moved. They didn't have room for it now that they've downsized. I'm thrilled about getting it! Brent's Grandpa made it. It's adorable! Croix loves it! Croix accidentally walked across the living room the other day with it. He was standing up on the wings and I started vacuuming. When I turned around Croix was no where to be seen. I turned off the vacuum and looked for him. He was making freaking out noises and walking along behind it. I think it scared him. The only times he's walked is when I'm right behind him. I saved him from his smart, walking self. It was cute! He made it pretty far by himself! He loves this little plane! He loves it when his Daddy pushes him around on it, loves it even more when they chase the dogs!

I think the little army shirt is too perfect!

This is Croix's buddy Parker. He's our neighbor. They have fun together. Parker likes the plane too!

It was night time and Croix was getting ready for bed, so he was a little grumpy.

When he got sad Parker put his arm around Croix and looked at hims Mom as if to say
"Don't worry Mommy, I've got it, I'll make him happy"

Then when Croix continued to fuss Parker threw his hands in the air

"Sorry Mommy I tried but he's just being a grumpy bottom, nothing I can do!"

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Kalena and Justin said...

Cute Cute Cute! And how great to get that plane.