Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby Steps

Croix is taking his first little baby steps.  They are adorable.  I wish I had a video for you.  Alas he is only brave enough to do it between Brent and I, or with just one of us there, which makes filming rather difficult!  He's done about 4 little steps so far.  I have a feeling the real deal is not far behind.  He's been cruising along the furniture for months!  He is so proud of himself when he "walks".  He seems to think it's pretty fun.  Since we've "practiced walking" with him he seems a lot braver on his own now.  I've noticed him going between things with more courage now.  he seems to improve a little every time we "practice".  He's getting much better at catching his balance.  It's amazing to watch him learn and grow and develop!

Croix is also becoming quite the climber.  He uses Bosco, his toy box, or me, or anything to climb onto the couch.  He's pro at going  up the stairs, but has yet to show even a moments interest in going back down!  Still working on that!  He followed me up the step stool the other day while I was cleaning and organizing the laundry room. 

I'm starting to think we need to do more play dates.  I've heard Croix growl a time or two and he now pretends the dogs are chasing him.  He'll hear one of them and crawl as fast as he can to me.  When he gets to me he urgently wants up.  When I pick him up he looks at the dogs and laughs.  It's impossible for me to describe in words how cute and funny it is, perhaps a video of this is needed as well!  I just think it's pretty fantastic that he has already got an imagination!  He's pretending the dogs are chasing him!  Too funny.  He is definitely my child!

Speaking of chasing.....on Sunday I was in the cultural hall during Sunday school (let's face it after over an hour in the chapel Croix is done and just wants to crawl so I rarely make it to Sunday school now a days).  My friend Stephanie and I were chatting while our two little ones crawled around.  They were chasing each other, or so we thought.  As we watched them we realized it was just Lexee chasing Croix.  He only wanted to be chased!  If Lexee would pass him and get in front he would stop crawling, turn the other direction, turn back and look at her and wait till she would come and chase him again!  Already wanting the girls to chase him!  Man am I going to be in trouble!  :D


Heather said...

Oh my! Busy boy indeed! He looks like baby Jack Jack from the Incredibles with his cute hair. Life is going to get a lot busier once he is walking proud.

Kalena and Justin said...

Love it! Love that he is getting so big and he is going to be into everything when he is walking proud. Maybe if he can get away from the girls when he grows up he will write the great american novel.