Friday, July 16, 2010

Stop it Already

To all our friends. 
Stop moving away!

That really is all.  I'm just sad that so many of our friends are moving away.  I guess that's what comes with living in a neighborhood of small town homes that for most of us are just starter homes. I know it's part of life.  It still makes me sad.  So many wonderful people have moved.  I guess that just means we're going to have to reach out and meet some more wonderful people and make new friends.  I'll just miss the old ones!


Erin L said...

I know this is random, but I was wondering what kind of dogs you have, if they stay inside or outside, what kind of smell/mess they make in the house, etc.

therealmccoy said...

We miss you too! We are one of only 3 young couples in our new ward and the only one with a baby. The back row in relief society is just me one other lady with a baby... so weird! I think we counted one time that there were 22 young couples with a baby in Ellsworth... I miss the club:(