Friday, July 16, 2010

Puppy Sitting

Don't do it!  We did it for a weekend and I'll never do it again!  I'd be more then happy to dog sit, but never again puppy sit!  My Sister and Brother in law went to San Fransisco for the weekend.  We watched their new little puppy Bandit, only 8 weeks old.  Bandit is an adorable blue healer.  He was so floppy and cute!  He's energetic and playfull.  He's sweet and snugly.  Super soft, and just looking at him you'll fall in love.  Such a puppy.......both good and bad!  He had more energy then even Rusty knew what to do with!  Although he does fine going potty at his house, and the fact that we have a dogie door, he managed to pee in my house over 10 times (I lost count).  He must be teething because he chewed on everything, my kitchen cupboards, dining room table, the carpet!!!  He tried chewing on me, Croix, Rusty!  Poor, poor Rusty!  It took him a couple days to start defending himself!  When Bandit first got here and would literally chew on Rusty, Rusty would just whine, or come over to me, look at me and with pleading eyes, whine as if to say "please get him off me!" .  Bandit would chew on his legs, ears, tail.  His mouth would go from one thing to the next.  I finally pulled out Rusty's old muzzle and popped it on him.  He actually did really well with it and then we could have a moment of peace.  I don't know how my sister in law can do it.  She has a little girl the same age as Croix, and a 5 & 7 yr old!  I don't know how she can  handle having a puppy, band new puppy, too.  She's my new hero!  I didn't even have the patience for it for the weekend.  I also said to Brent, "In 10-15 years when Bosco and Rusty have passed and we decide maybe we want another dog, if I say 'let's get a puppy.  then we can train it and we'll know it doesn't come with any problems'  You remind me of Bandit and no matter what I say DO NOT LET ME GET A PUPPY!"  I meant it too!  Between  surviving Rusty's puppy years and puppy sitting I know I am not a puppy person!  On the positive side I am now so much more appreciative of Rusty!  He is SO much better then he used to be!  Having Bandit here reminded me of just how crazy Rusty used to be!  He has gotten so much better!  I love my two little fur babies!  We'll stick with just the two of them!  No more dogs for the Maldonados!

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Heather said...

at least you weren't attacked by a vicious dog in the middle of the night and still have the scar to prove it. Bentley was the worst dog EVER!!!