Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Independence Day

We had lots of fun on the 4th of July!  My family came to visit.  Chelsea and Ethan were here the week before.  Then my Mom and Crystal and Seth came down for the weekend.  Croix loved having them here.

Croix had lots of fun with his Grandma and Cousin Seth

On Sunday the actual 4th we were all just a little too cute in our red white and blue!
I couldn't decide which picture of them I liked the best, so I threw them all up!
It was the best I could get with out a tripod and using the self timer!
  Later that day we went to some friends for dinner and games.  Lots of fun.  They have a couple little boys and Croix enjoyed playing with them and there fun toys!
Brent also had Monday off so we took advantage of that and made some home made ice cream and had friends over to our house of ice cream and games.I used my Great Aunt Dianna's recipe!  Croix looked super cute and the ice cream was perfect! 

We are so proud to be Americans.  We are grateful to the men and women who have given their lives to provide us with the freedoms we enjoy every day.  We are grateful to those  who are currently maintaining those freedoms and to their families for all they sacrifice.  We pray God will continue to watch over and bless this country and that we and Americans will remain worthy of those blessings

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therealmccoy said...

Love the pictures of Croix and Rusty... so sweet:)