Friday, July 16, 2010

Stop it Already

To all our friends. 
Stop moving away!

That really is all.  I'm just sad that so many of our friends are moving away.  I guess that's what comes with living in a neighborhood of small town homes that for most of us are just starter homes. I know it's part of life.  It still makes me sad.  So many wonderful people have moved.  I guess that just means we're going to have to reach out and meet some more wonderful people and make new friends.  I'll just miss the old ones!


Ours are awful!  When they first moved in they were so bad!  The very same weekend they moved in they were up both Saturday and Sunday nights making noise in the middle of the night and waking us up!  That Saturday they were pounding on the walls, probably hanging pictures at 5 in the morning, and then again at 6:30!  We promptly contacted the owners.  They used to be our neighbors, the moved and have rented out their house.  They said they would speak with the tenant.  The noise got better.  The neighbors did not.  Our other neighbors have a baby the same age as Croix.  One day she had just put her little boy down for a nap when they started reving the engine of their big truck right out side their house, where the baby was sleeping.  So she went out and yelled at them.  THEY DIDN'T EVEN STOP!!!!!  That is the kind of people they are.  They just have no consideration for other people.  They are garage dwellers, partyers, noisy drinkers, we are sick of them!  What ever the owners said to they only helped for a little while.  They got bad again.  We decided maybe if we started calling the cops on them they would stop.  I contacted the police department to see if there were regulations on when I could call, how loud they needed to be, or anything like that.  I was told that as long as we considered their volume unreasonable we could call.  The person I spoke to even told me that I should call as soon as they start to get loud rather the waiting until they are really loud since a noise disturbance is a non emergency call and it can take up to an hour for officers to respond.  She also said, call often, when ever they are loud.  So that's what we started doing. 
This past weekend was just ridiculous.  Sunday at 2:30 in the morning they woke us up.  So we called the cops.  All day Sunday they were loud and obnoxious.  Sunday evening at about 8:30 they were being pretty loud, but we decided it was still early we'd wait and see if they quited down by a reasonable time before we called the cops.  Almost as soon as we decided that some man starts yelling, I mean really YELLING!
Not only was he yelling but every other word was an obscenity, the majority of those being the F word.  Then we heard people saying, let's go, let's get outta here, get the kids inside.  Then we heard pounding.  We picked the phone up and called the cops!  Since it sounded like there was a fight or some type of disturbance they came right away.  Right after they quited down (the cops came) there was knocking at our door.  Brent went down stairs to see if maybe it was the cops.  I didn't think it would be since every time we called we called anonymously.  It was not the cops, it was our drunk obnoxious neighbor.  He would not stop ringing the bell and knocking on the door.  Brent finally answered worried that he was going to wake up Croix.  (He should not have answered!  I would much rather have had a waken baby then a husband with a gun shot wound from some psycho!)  They guy just started going off!  Yelling at Brent.  I was upstairs and getting madder and madder at this idiot!  So I started down the hall prepared to give him an ear full.  I was ready to unleash the red headed furry and Irish temper that seldom comes out on this man that had been disturbing our lives for months.  As I got to the end of the hall and heard him yelling even louder I realized he was drunk and probably dangerous.  I turned my self around and called the cops yet again, this time rather then thinking about all I wanted to say to him, I was thinking about Brent's safety.  Right about the time I connected with the police Brent just closed the door on him.  We waited for the cops to come out....AGAIN.  The officer told us there really isn't much they can do other then ask them to keep it down.  Unless we want to be the victims of their disorderly conduct.  To do that though the neighbors have to still be making noise when the cops get here, which can take an hour!  He did recommend contacting the HOA.  We have done that.  We also contacted the owners again.  They did say with all the problems we are having and their late rent they think it's time for them to go!  I really hope they are serious.  In the mean time I bought a sound machine to help drown out their noise and we are praying for a resolution.  Oh and did I mention the neighbors with the baby, who we really like and got along with wonderfully moved!  Not so happy about that.  We are REALLY hoping to get some more great neighbors there.  I don't know if I can handle having two awful neighbors!  Oh and did I also mention that again Tuesday at 130 in the morning they were out in their back yard making noise woke us up.  Despite the previous confrontation I once again called the cops!

Puppy Sitting

Don't do it!  We did it for a weekend and I'll never do it again!  I'd be more then happy to dog sit, but never again puppy sit!  My Sister and Brother in law went to San Fransisco for the weekend.  We watched their new little puppy Bandit, only 8 weeks old.  Bandit is an adorable blue healer.  He was so floppy and cute!  He's energetic and playfull.  He's sweet and snugly.  Super soft, and just looking at him you'll fall in love.  Such a puppy.......both good and bad!  He had more energy then even Rusty knew what to do with!  Although he does fine going potty at his house, and the fact that we have a dogie door, he managed to pee in my house over 10 times (I lost count).  He must be teething because he chewed on everything, my kitchen cupboards, dining room table, the carpet!!!  He tried chewing on me, Croix, Rusty!  Poor, poor Rusty!  It took him a couple days to start defending himself!  When Bandit first got here and would literally chew on Rusty, Rusty would just whine, or come over to me, look at me and with pleading eyes, whine as if to say "please get him off me!" .  Bandit would chew on his legs, ears, tail.  His mouth would go from one thing to the next.  I finally pulled out Rusty's old muzzle and popped it on him.  He actually did really well with it and then we could have a moment of peace.  I don't know how my sister in law can do it.  She has a little girl the same age as Croix, and a 5 & 7 yr old!  I don't know how she can  handle having a puppy, band new puppy, too.  She's my new hero!  I didn't even have the patience for it for the weekend.  I also said to Brent, "In 10-15 years when Bosco and Rusty have passed and we decide maybe we want another dog, if I say 'let's get a puppy.  then we can train it and we'll know it doesn't come with any problems'  You remind me of Bandit and no matter what I say DO NOT LET ME GET A PUPPY!"  I meant it too!  Between  surviving Rusty's puppy years and puppy sitting I know I am not a puppy person!  On the positive side I am now so much more appreciative of Rusty!  He is SO much better then he used to be!  Having Bandit here reminded me of just how crazy Rusty used to be!  He has gotten so much better!  I love my two little fur babies!  We'll stick with just the two of them!  No more dogs for the Maldonados!

Baby Steps

Croix is taking his first little baby steps.  They are adorable.  I wish I had a video for you.  Alas he is only brave enough to do it between Brent and I, or with just one of us there, which makes filming rather difficult!  He's done about 4 little steps so far.  I have a feeling the real deal is not far behind.  He's been cruising along the furniture for months!  He is so proud of himself when he "walks".  He seems to think it's pretty fun.  Since we've "practiced walking" with him he seems a lot braver on his own now.  I've noticed him going between things with more courage now.  he seems to improve a little every time we "practice".  He's getting much better at catching his balance.  It's amazing to watch him learn and grow and develop!

Croix is also becoming quite the climber.  He uses Bosco, his toy box, or me, or anything to climb onto the couch.  He's pro at going  up the stairs, but has yet to show even a moments interest in going back down!  Still working on that!  He followed me up the step stool the other day while I was cleaning and organizing the laundry room. 

I'm starting to think we need to do more play dates.  I've heard Croix growl a time or two and he now pretends the dogs are chasing him.  He'll hear one of them and crawl as fast as he can to me.  When he gets to me he urgently wants up.  When I pick him up he looks at the dogs and laughs.  It's impossible for me to describe in words how cute and funny it is, perhaps a video of this is needed as well!  I just think it's pretty fantastic that he has already got an imagination!  He's pretending the dogs are chasing him!  Too funny.  He is definitely my child!

Speaking of chasing.....on Sunday I was in the cultural hall during Sunday school (let's face it after over an hour in the chapel Croix is done and just wants to crawl so I rarely make it to Sunday school now a days).  My friend Stephanie and I were chatting while our two little ones crawled around.  They were chasing each other, or so we thought.  As we watched them we realized it was just Lexee chasing Croix.  He only wanted to be chased!  If Lexee would pass him and get in front he would stop crawling, turn the other direction, turn back and look at her and wait till she would come and chase him again!  Already wanting the girls to chase him!  Man am I going to be in trouble!  :D

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Puppy Love

Maybe this is why we keep Rusty
He is SO good with Croix!

Croix misses him when he goes out side.  And when Rusty is locked out for being naughty, Croix peeks over the dogie door looking for him.

Rusty also makes us laugh when he does stuff like this

He gets his head stuck in food containers all the time!
And just so he doesn't feel left out Bosco is pretty great with Croix too.  A lot less tolerant.  Usually when Croix crawls up to him he'll snort and walk away.  Only occasionally will he lay there and take the abuse like Rusty.
Bosco has become a step stool onto the couch for Croix now.

We sure do love our dogs!

Happy Independence Day

We had lots of fun on the 4th of July!  My family came to visit.  Chelsea and Ethan were here the week before.  Then my Mom and Crystal and Seth came down for the weekend.  Croix loved having them here.

Croix had lots of fun with his Grandma and Cousin Seth

On Sunday the actual 4th we were all just a little too cute in our red white and blue!
I couldn't decide which picture of them I liked the best, so I threw them all up!
It was the best I could get with out a tripod and using the self timer!
  Later that day we went to some friends for dinner and games.  Lots of fun.  They have a couple little boys and Croix enjoyed playing with them and there fun toys!
Brent also had Monday off so we took advantage of that and made some home made ice cream and had friends over to our house of ice cream and games.I used my Great Aunt Dianna's recipe!  Croix looked super cute and the ice cream was perfect! 

We are so proud to be Americans.  We are grateful to the men and women who have given their lives to provide us with the freedoms we enjoy every day.  We are grateful to those  who are currently maintaining those freedoms and to their families for all they sacrifice.  We pray God will continue to watch over and bless this country and that we and Americans will remain worthy of those blessings

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I feel like I'm a Ring Master when I nurse now a days. I swear it's become such a circus! Croix is so easily distracted. He's on and off, crawling around, whacks me, pinches, scratches me, pulls my hair. When ever Brent is home in the mornings I'll usually nurse laying down in bed. Now Croix just crawls around while he's nursing!! The other day he was nursing while on his hands and knees! Crawled back for some more! He's also just getting so big! I remember when he was brand new and so tiny. Now he drapes all across me and over me. He's not so little any more. I will usually sit at the computer and play around online while I nurse. Not so easy anymore. Now Croix flails his arms around and hits the keyboard. He'll kick at my arm making it near impossible for me to use my hand and the mouse. He gets distracted by what ever is on the screen. Ugh! It's frustrating to me. It makes the thought of him turning one a little bit easier! I'm looking forward to weening! I'm mostly looking forward to having my freedom back and not being tied down by feedings! I never thought of what a sacrifice nursing, especially to a year, would be! A sacrifice I'm more then happy to make but man it requires a lot! Sometimes I feel like all I've done with my day is feed Croix. We nurse 4 times a day and eat solids 3. That's SEVEN feedings a day! Plus I have to feed myself and Brent, really there are days where I feel like all I've done is make sure my family is feed. It will be oh so nice to cut out 4 of those feedings!
Even as I sit here writing about how I can't wait to be free and have more time I know there's going to be a part of me that will miss it! It is so special to have that closeness with Croix. It's our special time and when He's not putting on a circus he he is very sweet. I love the moments when he'll stop of a second look at me with his big blue eyes and just wait for me to look at him and smile. He'll flash me his giant dimpled smile and get back to business. I'll miss how when he wakes up he'll nuzzle me knowing it's time to eat. I have a feeling when this circus ends it will be bitter sweet. Non the less I'm counting down......1.5 months!