Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just Us

I've been surprised by the feelings I've been having lately.  I find myself a little sad.  Sad to know this time of just Croix is going to end soon.  Certainly not sad to be having another baby, but just realizing this special time where it's just us, is almost over.  I love all the snuggles, and kisses, all the time playing.  Eating lunch together, going on all of our errands.  It's kind of fun just us.  It feels special.  We have a great routine.  Life is easy and predictable.  We're good together.  I can't wait for our little family to grow.  To have another little one to love.  In the mean time, I'm relishing every moment with just Croix!


Artsy Aut said...

I remember thinking that same thing. As Avery has gotten older (with a second child or not) I feel like things change anyway. But now I get to enjoy one on one time with my little Baker when Avery is in school! I know it sounds cheesy, but each kid is special in their own way :)

Kendra said...

The cool thing is you'll still have a lot of that after the baby is born, assuming she's an average newborn that sleeps a lot. You'll obviously have both when you have to go places, feed the baby, etc. But when the baby sleeps you can enjoy the precious time with just Croix again. Such a fun time! I'm excited for you!

Elizabeth Farnsworth said...

I balled the first time I put Kyle to bed after we brought Carter home. Kyle looked so big and I felt like I was loosing my baby. Little did I know that life is so much fun with both boys! (And now all 3 boys!)