Monday, February 6, 2012


I switched to a midwife and LOVE it!  I switched for a couple reasons.  One I've decided to have a natural child birth this time.  (no judgmental comments please).  Two I was a little worried about going in and telling my OBGYN that I had noticed contractions as early as 12 weeks.  She had mentioned shots for contractions before I was even pregnant.  After doing some research I knew I did not want to do that at all!  Also after having been through labor, and real contractions I feel like they are just braxton hicks.  Since a "real" contraction causes changes to your cervix I also didn't think they were real last time because I don't think I could have started having real contractions at  17ish weeks and held in a baby until 36, if my cervix was thinning, opening and dilating that whole time.  I didn't feel like my OBGYN would hear any of that.  I felt for sure she would just hear, I'm having contractions and want to start me on shots.  That combined with the fact that I feel a midwife is going to be a much better way to accomplish my goal of a natural birth I switched.

My first appointment with the midwife was awesome!  She sat down and just had a conversation with me.  She asked questions like, what Croix's name was, and then used it.  How did his birth go?  How did I feel about that experience?  What did I think/feel about my body and this pregnancy.  It felt much more personal, and like I was being included in care of myself and my child.  My appointment on Sat was just as great.  There was no impatience with Croix's business instead she talked to him, asked him questions.

I feel like this was a great decision and I cannot wait to continue care with this practice and have a natural child birth.

**If anyone is interested I've switched to Boojum Midwifery.  They have two websites

I wouldn't hesitate a moment to recommend them!

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Lisa said...

So happy for you. I'm gonna echo the recommendation. :)