Sunday, August 30, 2009

Birth Story

Warning!!! The following is the story of an actual birth, which is not so neat and pretty and talks about girly parts and personal matters. Considering the content "viewer discretion is advised"

Sunday I had quite a lot of contractions through out the afternoon/early evening. But they were not regular or constant. So even though I was having quite a few an hour they were sporadic. I figured they were not going to do anything. Then before bed they died down. I actually got a decent nights rest (I think that was a gift from God). Then Monday morning I woke up at about 6:40 with a very strong contraction and then though, oh crap I just peed my pants! I had felt like I was on the verge of doing this several times before when I had a full bladder and a strong contraction would hit, but had yet to do it! I figured it had finally just happened. I get up, go to the bathroom and then when I stand up I peed my pants again! At this point I was annoyed. I said to Brent, who was in the shower getting ready for work, this is ridiculous. First I'm having contractions all the time and have to pee every 5 minutes, now I'm having strong contractions all the time and have lost all control of myself! Ugh! I go back to the toilet and wipe myself and notice that it was a little slimy. All of the sudden my heart jumps.....could my water have just broken? I don't know. It wasn't a big gush. But there is a little bloody show.....humm. What to do? CALL MOM!!!! The whole time I'm thinking of my friend who just days before in conversation had said she has no idea how people don't know when their water has broken I quote "How could you not know? Terina you had better not do that!" But Mom confirms what I had already suspected. Just for the record if I had given myself 2 more minutes I would have figured it out on my own!

It hits this is the big day! Brent thinks we should jump in the car and head to the hospital right now. I can take hours for labor to progress, especially with a first, I'm going to take a shower and eat some breakfast, and pack a bag! I get in the shower and notice the contractions are really getting strong, and close. By time I'm done with a quick shower it was very clear I was not one of those people that has plenty of time to get to the hospital! They were coming very close and strong. I was going to time them but decided not to waste time counting when I'd already had 4 contractions in 12 minutes! I'm putting on clothes Brent is trying to pack a bag, asking me what I need, I can't remember! I can't think. The contractions were demanding all attention! Finally Brent decides that we are not that far from the hospital, if we forget something important he can come home or someone can bring it! I whole heatedly agree! We jump in the car and are off! I was also grateful the night before we had decided that Brent should start driving himself to work that week instead of taking the van pool. Other wise he would have already been gone to work!

By time we are at the hospital I can't walk during contractions and have to sit one out in half in half out of the car! We get checked in, get wrist bands, paper work is filled out. I'm wondering why there is so much paper work when I had filled all of that out before online so I wouldn't have do this very thing, sit in pain doing paper work! Which was very difficult since I was in so much pain I couldn't focus enough to give my name, address, date of birth, etc. Thank goodness for Brent!

Finally the paper work is all done and they get us back to triage. My first question is when I can get an epidural! Now for the record I had thought long and hard about doing this naturally. I decided to get an epidural just a week earlier. But truth be told if I had decided to try natural, my first question still would have been about an epidural! It was more pain then I had ever imagined, and it was just the beginning of what I was going to experience! My hat goes off to every woman who has every had natural child birth! I was dying! It was about 8 when we got to triage and by that point I had dilated to a 4. No wonder I was in so much pain I had gone from 1 to 4 cm in 90 min!

They got me into a delivery room and got me all attached to IVs and such. The pain, was practically indescribable! I was begging for an epidural! But apparently since I had gestational diabetes the anesthesiologist wanted to run some blood work to make sure it was safe. That took a very VERY VERY long time! I was nauseous from the pain, even threw up in my mouth a little a couple times. I couldn't breath! I was trying so hard to stay focused and breath but I was just hyperventilating. I heard my self saying I can't do this! Which I had always laughed at the women on the baby shows on TV who say that! Of course you can do it! Women have been doing this since the dawning of time! Silly lady. And I had just said that! So even in my delusion I amended my statement and said I can't do this with out an epidural! LOL I was literally writhing in pain on the bed! I felt like I was on the verge of a melt down! They finally gave me some Demerol. Which I really wish I hadn't had to get. It is an IV pain killer and made me so sleepy! The pain was still so bad even after the drugs it only took the edge off! The contractions were coming so close, one on top of the other and were so strong I felt like I wasn't getting a break in between them to rest and catch my breath. I said to Brent I'm so not strong and tough!! FINALLY after 90 minutes around 10:00 the anesthesiologist came to give me an epidural! I don't know if I've ever been so happy to see another human being in my entire life! I was finally able to rest and breath!! They checked me and I was at 6+ cm maybe 7! I couldn't believe how fast I was progressing! I just thought no wonder I was in such pain! After getting an epidural I just slept!

It was only 12:30 before I was to 9.5 cm. The Dr. was with someone else so the nurse decided that since I couldn't feel anything to just let my body labor on it's own and move the baby down so I wouldn't have to push as much. Sounded good to me. Then about the time they were ready for me to push I felt awful! I had not eaten anything all day and had gestational diabetes. They checked my blood sugar and it was very low. I told them and knew that unless I ate something, even just juice I wouldn't have the energy to do this! So they switched my IV to something with sugar in it to bring my levels up. That took about an hour. Finally at 3:45 I started to push. I didn't realized how exhausting that would be! So tiring! My little guy decided to come out slightly sideways. His head came out transverse. The Dr. tried to turn him but he just turned right back. At that moment I was SO grateful for an epidural! No doubt that would have been excruciating with out one! So I had to push him out the hard way! Which is why it took so long! I pushed for 90 min! I had to get a small episiotomy, the Dr. apologized, and again I was grateful to be numb! Although part of the epidural had worn off by this point and I was starting to feel things again. This was actually a good thing! I could feel when contractions came, I knew when I needed to push but it only hurt a little! It was pretty perfect! It's true what they say the second he was born all the pain was gone! Not that I was feeling a lot of pain at that point but what little I was feeling completely disappeared! I was so overwhelmed with joy I couldn't stop the tears! He was so perfect! He looked like an alien but a perfect alien! LOL

Because he was early they gave him his own nurse to monitor him. By the end of the second day he was doing so good they transferred his care over to my nurse! We came home two days later and are doing great! Recovery is painful! But getting better! Nursing is going good. Also a little painful! Hello girls! Hello milk! Hopefully my body gets the supply and demand message and stops making so much milk here soon! Little Croix is a great eater! He is doing all his new born jobs like a champ! Eat, sleep, pee, poop, make adorable faces to entertain Mom & Dad, doing them all beautifully! I get lost just staring at his perfect face!

Brent was so perfect through everything! He was a wonderful helper and coach! He helped me to focus and breath when I thought I was going to die. Held my jello leg up for me, did a great job of communicating with everyone. He was perfect! He has also been so perfect since we got home! He helps in every way he can, makes sure I take naps. Has run to the store several times for things we needed, like diapers as soon as we got home, yeah that was on the list of things I was going to do! He even gave me strict instructions that at night I'm not to get out of bed unless it's to pee! He's been amazing! I love him so much!!!! I fall in love with him a little more ever time I see him gently care for our little angel Croix!

To see more pics of Croix go to our online photo album

Oh and someone asked how to pronounce his name it's like troy with a k. Like the Virgin Island St. Croix

36 Weeks

AKA 9 Months

Ok ok I know he's already here but I still wanted to post about my final week or so of pregnancy! I was SO READY TO BE DONE! After having to take it easy for the past 5 1/2 months I was finally given the ok by my Dr. to return to "normal pregnant life" at my apt the Fri before Croix was born. I had plans to do EVERYTHING starting the following week, deep clean the house (really wishing I'd gotten that done right about now as I can barely walk!) walk the dogs every morning, maybe at night too, purchase the last essential baby items, walk at the mall, finish my art project for his room, write thank you cards, hand deliver the ones in the neighborhood (more walking) pack a bag for me and baby. Yep had lots planned. Got none of it done! Instead I had a baby! Which I was so glad to do! For weeks I had been having bad contractions! They were just getting worse and worse! Because of said contractions I was getting no sleep. My back was hurting. I had hit the "take it easy" wall. I was going crazy from boredom! I knew he was safe, 36 weeks was still early but risk of complications were low! He was measuring 6 lbs 8 oz which is a good size! I was tired of my gestational diabetes diet! I was ready. Apparently I have an obedient child, he heard, he listened, he came!! Birth story coming up next!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Croix James Maldonado

I'll post a more detailed post later but I just wanted everyone to know Croix is here! 6.9 oz 20 in. long 9/9 on the apgar born 8/24/09 at 5:26 pm. He was almost a month early but was perfect! Not a single problem! We are all so in love!!!

PS The new song makes me cry! It's so perfect, like the words are straight from my soul!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday Brent!

Brent's birthday is Sept 6th but since I've been threatening pre term labor for over a month now and that is only 11 days before my due date I decided to throw him a party early. I also decided it should be a surprise party!!! He had never had a surprise party and I figured what a better birthday to have a surprise party then your 30th!! We also celebrated at Peter Piper Pizza! So we could all remember how young 30 really is!! And Brent had never had a Peter Piper Pizza birthday party so again I figured what a better age to do that then 30?!?! Brent was totally surprised and had no clue what was going on, even when I blindfolded him to get him there, he still never suspected a birthday party for him (another advantage of having a party so early)! Brent has an amazing sense of direction so on the way there I drove around in circles for a little bit, hummm not such a good idea, blindfolded he got a little car sick! Oh well, what's a girl to do but drive in circles when her husband has an impeccable sense of direction? Even after driving in circles he still knew we were at Peter Piper Pizza when we got there. Don't ask me how?!?! When we got there our friends were there waiting. It was so fun to hang out with friends, eat some pizza, play some games, and celebrate 30 years of Brent (almost ;) I also invited people to come dressed in their best rocker duds, thinking, big hair, loud clothes, 80's hair bands!! Most people were not so excited about that! There were only a couple people who dressed up! But it was still fun! Although I will confess I did feel just a bit silly walking around Peter Piper Pizza sporting a side pony tail, bright blue eye shadow, and a shirt band thingy (I don't know what they are called!) It was lots of fun and I'm so glad Brent was totally surprised and that we were able to celebrate his birthday before the baby came so it could be all about him!! I love this man and I'm so happy to have him in my life! Here's to 30 more years and even more then that!!


Brent blindfolded with no clue why? :D

We had a "quiz" to see who knew Brent the best. His sister Heather won with 100% can you believe it!!!

This was her prize, an autographed picture of Brent!

Crystal won the Best dressed rocker, she won a cool rockin' microphone and some pop rocks! Worth dressing up for huh!

Playing some games.

Brent trying to figure out what to do with all his tickets he won. Wanna know what he got? 47 plastic frogs!! What will we ever do with 47 plastic frogs?!?!? Humm Maybe that's what we'll have to hand out for Halloween!

His cakes

Wonder what he wished for?
Yup Brent is still wild at 30!

Brent and Chris

Crystal, Adam, Spencer, and Rochelle

Phil, Heather, Danita, Jacob, and Cade

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm a little sad because I was too busy having a good time to take any pictures! That can't be too bad of a thing though right? I had two baby showers, one was with my friends from church and the other was family and other friends. They were both fantastic! My two great friends Heather and Mary threw the church friends one. They were so thoughtful and had a delicious spread of diabetic friendly food! It was so fun to celebrate with my friends from my ward.

I did manage to snap a picture of the beautiful bouquet they had! Sunflowers, my favorite!

Then just two days later I celebrated with family and other friends! It was so fun! My friend Angie and beautiful sister in law Heather hosted the shower and did an amazing job! It was so fun! I feel a lot more prepared now since we have a lot more stuff! Now I just have to take inventory and see what few things there are left to get! We've already washed all his little clothes. I just kept smelling them! I had to go get the special baby laundry detergent! Couldn't resist! I am amazed at how small some of the clothes are! The new born diapers are the size of my hand! And the baby shoes, my favorite! I'm so grateful for every one's generosity!

The table all laid out (not quite as diabetic friendly but delicious non the less).

Angie, holding little beautiful Marley, Me, and Heather

Monday, August 10, 2009


I was thinking yesterday sitting at church about how quickly things can change. Specifically my heart. After two years trying to get pregnant there were a few things that no matter how mentally prepared I was, were always a little difficult. Baby showers, seeing beautiful babies at church in the row in front of me, baby blessings, beautiful pregnant women. Some days these things were harder then others but they always produced a twinge of longing and a sense of emptiness, a void, a desire that had yet to be filled. Now here I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and it hit me yesterday how things have changed! There was a baby blessing and I was so excited! Excited for this sweet family (who by the way I didn't even know), excited for our little one to be blessed not to long from now. I see little ones adorably waving to us and can't wait! I can't wait for my little one to be the cute distraction during church! Baby showers are so fun now! I can actually participate in the conversations! I also I'm now one of the beautiful pregnant women. (Just so we are clear on this I think all pregnant women are beautiful!!) I was thinking about all the tears that were shed in the years of longing. The pain that was so consuming as we tried and tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant! It was such a hard and painful trial to endure. It seemed like so long! Every month seemed forever! Now looking back it seems so irrelevant! Well not irrelevant but so insignificant? I don't even know the right word to use here. All of that doesn't even matter any more! That's just what it took to get pregnant. All the pain, and sadness is gone. It reminded me a lot of repentance. It's not as though the experiences we had to get here have disappeared but they have been swallowed up by joy. This is just how repentance is. All the pain of sin is swallowed up by repentance, taken away by the Savior. You still remember the experience, it has left an imprint on your soul and who you are but is replaced by joy! I think the pain can help you appreciate the joy even more. It makes me very grateful for the atonement! That I can have forgiveness of my sins, that my pain and disappointment can be taken away and that ultimately through an act and power I doubt I'll ever fully understand I can find an all consuming joy! Also knowing that even if I never got pregnant, through the atonement I could still find, peace, healing, and joy!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Climbing The Walls.....Eating The Walls

I'm going to try very hard to not make this a poor me, pity party post! I've be SO BORED lately! I haven't been able to work for months now. I'm to the point that TV is no longer entertaining, the Internet has come up lacking. My house work/chores that need to be done have been incredibly neglected. It seems hard to find motivation to clean in the morning when I know I have all afternoon. Then as the afternoon is slipping away I just remember I still have no life tomorrow and could do it then. Could is the key word as weeks have gone by since my laundry has been completely done! We've developed this awful cycle of washing the clothes, I bring the upstairs put them on the bed so I'll HAVE to put them away before we can go to bed. Then bed time comes, the clothes are still not put away and we are both dead tired. So into the laundry basket they go. Repeat daily for about a week or so and that is how laundry has been done lately at our house. Dishes pile up until we have no more and I HAVE to do them so we can eat. So instead of cleaning I have scenes like this.

Disgusting right?!?! Well this is how my house seems to be looking lately! Thankfully I think "nesting" is starting to kick in! I'm getting more motivation! But usually I've been channeling that motivation into baby projects, lamps, throw pillows, stalking craigslist for certain things. Hopefully once those things are done I'll be able to channel my motivation into my house! It seems so absurd to me that will all this time I can let my house get so messy! But I'm sorry housework does not seem like a good solution to boredom! I'm so bored I feel as thought I "could climb the walls" Apparently I'm not the only one who is bored our of their mind in this house. My poor dogs have not gotten good walks and trips to the dog park in ages. Thanks to my threatening preterm labor exercise is out. No morning walks. So the other day I was sitting at the computer (I can usually be found there or in front of the TV) and I heard this really loud crunch. Instantly wondered what Rusty was chewing on! Jumped out of the chair looked down the hall just in time to see Rusty take another good chomp on my house! He was chewing my walls! The baseboards to be precise. He is lucky to still be living! MY HOUSE!!!! HE WAS EATING MY HOUSE!!!!! I couldn't believe it! This was in the morning and I was still furious with him when Brent got home that evening. As I'm ranting and raving about how could this stupid dog eat my house?! And I can't have a dog that is going to eat my house! Brent what are we going to do? We have a baby on the way!!! My wonderful thoughtful husband says......well you realize he has literally been cooped up in this house for weeks. I had an instant change of heart. Not that it let Rusty off the hook, there is no good reason to chew on the house, it did help me have a little compassion for my poor puppy. I used to walk them 3-4 times a week for at least 30 min, I'd try and push it to an hour. I tried to take them to the dog park regularly so my puppy could run. And RUN he did! He needs that! And I can't give it to him! So I'm bored enough to climb the walls and Rusty is bored enough to eat the walls! Only 6 more weeks until Nutterbutter will be here and we can start establishing new habits for exercise and entertainment! All of this will be worth it!!


This post is as least a month overdue, but hey here it is. My beautiful sister in law Heather and I got to go see Wicked when it was in town! I LOVE Wicked so I gladly went with her to see it even though I've already seen it :)

Here we are excited to go. The cheesy smile is the best I got! Not so photogenic that day I guess.

Waiting for the show to start.

The show was once again amazing! I loved every minute of it! Thankfully I wasn't too uncomfortable and the line at the bathroom during intermission wasn't too long!! When I was waiting in line for the bathroom I was talking to the lady in line next to me. She asked how far along I am and we chatted about pregnancy. Well she made my night in saying I look great! Thank you random stranger! Then said she was huge by time she was as far along as I was. She said "with mine by the end I weighed like 250 lbs." I said oh wow did you have twins? I thought when she said mine, that being plural.....ugh. She said no and I felt bad. Thankfully right then a stall opened up and I dashed away from my awkward moment of sticking my foot in my mouth! I'm so glad I had a fun reason to get all pretty and get out of the house! It was so fun!! Our next show were going to go see is The Nutcracker in December! Brent has no desire to go, so Heather and I will go! As we talked about it I was already wondering how I'd do being away from little Nutterbutter that long. HA! He's not even here yet and I'm worrying about leaving him for a few hours months from now! Is this a bad sign?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Project Throw Pillows


It took hours and hours and lots of help from Brent's wonderful Aunt Sharon, but my throw pillows are done. Once again I am amazed at how well they turned out! Not perfect (thanks to my contribution of hand stitching) but pretty dang good! One more project down! The room is almost all put together and ready!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dizzying Design

This is just too funny not to share! Because of the disguising, nasty, stained, ruined, state of our carpet, and the fact that finances are not so accommodating to the new flooring I want, we had to purchase a rug. The thought of putting a child on my carpet is very disturbing to me! So you see it was a necessity! So we found a good deal and got this rug

Nothing fancy, but it's fun and we like it and it was the right price! Well the evening after we got it we Brent and I are sitting on the couch watching tv and Bosco comes up and stands over the biggest swirl and stairs at it. Then he started spinning in circles! Not so odd right, dogs will turn around a couple times before laying down right. Well Bosco doesn't really ever do that, and he didn't stop! He just kept spinning! For a full minute or two! We were cracking up! Just picture a big old boxer staring at that rug spinning in circles! Too funny!