Sunday, March 14, 2010

Verizon Woes

That is what my phone used to look like..........This is my phone now

Let me just tell you of the problems I've been having with Verizon. I will preface this by saying I've been a Verizon customer for 9 years (wow!) and have always been happy with them, until recently. Here's the problem first of all I have been paying insurance on my phone for YEARS. AFter loosing a phone once and paying lots of money for a new one I always felt it was worth it to not have to pay for a new phone if you lost one. Also the phone I have cost a pretty penny so I felt is was worth it to not pay that much again for a new one. So I pay insurance for years......let's multiply $6 a mo. times 3 years this in my mind equals a reasonable expectation for a new phone when I need one. NO! My puppy chewed my phone and they wanted to charge me $50 "deductible" to replace it. So please Verizon tell my what was the point of paying insurance? I promptly canceled the insurance and decided I'd waited 6 + months till I was eligible for my ''new every two'' (even though I'd be happy with a replacement of my current phone I really like it). Only to find out when I went to get a new phone if I want one that is comparable, touch screen, capabilities for Internet, full key board, etc. They are going to raise my bill $10 a mo. I'm not looking to raise my monthly expenses I'm looking to LOWER them....have you not heard WE'RE IN A RECESSION! When I got my current phone with all the capabilities I had the option to simply pay for using them, IF and when I used them. I have only used them a couple times but they have been lifesavers when I have. So I like having that option I just don't want to pay a monthly fee for something I use maybe a few times a year! I expressed this to the nice cust. service fellow he says "oh yeah you're not the only one that's been saying that so in April we are going to add more phones to the "simple phones" (the ones that don't require the $10 a mo. increase in your bill) Well kind Verizon man I've already been waiting close to a year to get a cool new phone, My phone only half way works I don't want to wait till April! But if I don't want to wait till April I have the option of about two phones that are crappy or increasing my bill. THAT dear friends is my problem with Verizon! I was also told the reason why they are now making it mandatory to have the data plan (the additional $10 a mo. charge) is because lots of people did what I did. Decided to pay as the go for using Internet, navigation etc. Only it seems the rest of America is retarded. They used those services and then complained about how high their bills were. So I, a responsible person am being punished for everyone else being stupid and using there phones with out thinking about the charges they would be incurring!!!!! So here I am with my phone, it's literally falling apart. The touch screen no longer works, the texting wigs out, it takes at least 2 min for my camera to load (so much for capturing great moments in Croix's life on my phone), one of the hinges is broken so it's just about to break apart into pieces, the buttons on the front on longer work and my Z button doesn't work. I'm waiting till April. There had better be a great phone ava. or I'm gong to be pissed!


Erin L said...

We were on Alltel and were totally happy with it but they got bought out by Verizon. So now we're verizon customers. We were not very happy with our options for doing a data free phone. We went to and through them we found some good phones that don't require a data plan. However, it is a pretty simple phone - no touch screen or texting keyboard - its just a bar phone, but its way better than any of the options at the store.

Mike & Hilary said...

It's not just Verizon who has these policies, my dear. I guarantee if you shop around, everyone has similar policies now.

You might look into discounts with Verizon...I know with Sprint, just about any major company you work for is eligible for some type of discount. When I worked for Safeway, I got something like 20% off my monthly bill. Now with Lockheed, we get like 18%. It's worth a shot!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain...we just went through the same we are paying that extra 10.00 a month! (For Glen's phone) BUT we have had better results through Verizon than the other cell phone companies we have been on. I didn't know about the April thing so maybe I'll wait until April to get my new phone too! We have 5 phones so when you pay that extra 10.00 it add's up! Wait until your kids get bigger the bills get bigger too!!!!


Stephanie and Cody Sunderhaus said...

I'm sure we talked about his already, but I am so right there with you on the anger for the stupid $10 more!! So I'm glad to know there are more in April, so I will wait too! :(