Friday, March 19, 2010

Six Months!

Actually at this point, almost seven!! Can you believe it! I can't believe how fast it's flying by! My little guy is just that, a little guy. I went and visited my dear friend Liz of Red Bucket Photography, (the one who did Croix new born and 3 mo. pics) who just had a sweet baby boy. How in just under seven months could I have forgotten how little they are when they first come to you? Croix's six mo. check up was not our best yet. Apparently he's on the small side, I don't remember what percentage was which (head, length, weight) but the were 10, 15, 20%. Humm I never would have guess, he seems so big to me! The Dr. suggested supplementing with formula. I decided not to do that! We are still doing great breastfeeding and that is good with me! We have introduced baby food. He really seems to like green beans! He's such a good little eater! The solids have made it more difficult for him to go poo. I've found out foods that help with that and he's even doing better in the department! I think I'm truly completely obsessed with him, I even think he is just too cute when he's all red faced and grunting trying to poo! HA! Also at his six mo. check up I mentioned to the Dr. that he's had blood in his stool twice. He ordered some labs to check for some things. If I thought shots were bad I had no clue! Holding my screaming child down while someone fished around in his arm for a vein was the worst! We both cried. He had a bruise :( Blood work and poo analysis came back normal. We have to repeat the poo test. Hopefully all is well and it was just randomness. He sits with no problem, scoots himself around, loves baths, massages, his doggies, and his Daddy! Croix gets so excited when his Daddy comes home! It's adorable and melts my heart!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from his six month session. Our dear friend Heather, of Heather Gunnell Photography took over his 6 mo. session for Liz, since she just had her own little one. She's the one who did our maternity pictures, and Christmas pictures a couple years ago.

Croix did not like the grass! He also did not want to sit by himself! He was a bit of a stinker but our excellent photographer still captured some great shots! To see the rest of the pics just stop by our online photo album.


Heather said...

Oh poor buddy! He probably just had blood in his stool from straining to get it out! And I would have never guessed that you would need to be worried about his size. He's gaining, right? M & K have had a bit of trouble with solids and poop too, we gave them pears today, supposed to help. They loved them!

Kendra said...

Cute pictures! I learned about a little trick to help soften stools when they start eating solids. It worked on Crue but I didn't have to do it all that much. I have had to do it quite a bit more with Cooper but it works (and it's not medicine) so that's good. Make him a bottle (either formula or breastmilk) and add Karo syrup to it. If you make a 4 oz bottle, add 1/2 tsp. If you make a 6-8 oz bottle add 1 tsp. The sugar helps bring moisture into their bowels so that stools are softer. I wonder if the blood was from him pushing it out, like that it just scratched him? Also, I'm sure you know this but try to give him water when you feed him. That helps too. Good luck with everything!