Friday, March 26, 2010

7 Months!!!!

Yup! Croix is seven months old now. He's been trying new foods. He eats like a champ. Has yet to find something he doesn't like. He did really LOVE the vanilla banana custard! I thought it was pretty tasty too! LOL We did his second poo test. Still no blood so we'll see what the Dr. says about that at our next check up. Oh and the blood was not from straining to go. Both times it happened were before we really introduced solids and before he started having a hard time. We were at the pediatrician’s yesterday. Croix had started coughing and has been shaking his head every now and then. I thought maybe he had an ear infection. Nope just a cold! I felt a little silly taking him the Dr. for a cold but better safe than sorry right! I got some dissolving puffs for him to try. He LOVES them. I got two different kinds. Some are longer, like Cheetos, only not quite as long and the others are kind of like a triangle. He did a lot better with the long ones. The triangles he kind of gagged on a bit. Then he really choked on one. Not gagging, choked, no noise, no breathing, turning red choking! I tried fishing it out with my finger but couldn't get it so I had to fly into action and turn him upside down and whack his back. The stupid thing went flying out. He then vomited twice, and then was happy as could be. I freaked out after it was all over. All I could think was he could have died! What if I had freaked out and froze? What if I hadn't known what to do? What if it hadn't come out! He could have died! I snuggled him close that whole night. Tired not to think about it too much! He will not be eating those dissolving puffs for a while! I've also tried introducing the sippy cup. He was not interested so I got some pedialyte and now he really likes it. He still hasn't figured out the whole picking it up and getting it to his mouth part but he likes what's inside. He is getting ready to crawl. He has gotten up on his hands and knees a few times before but this past week he's been doing it a lot lately. Not only does he get on his hands and knees but he's rocking too. The fun is just about to start! Soon I won’t be able to keep him on a blanket on the floor. Time to baby proof, and get the carpets cleaned! He loves going for walks and exploring the great out doors. He is a doll and we love him! He makes the world a better place!

He's great a making a mess.

After I thought I had him all cleaned up I noticed his ear!

He LOVES his Daddy!

Look at that clearance!

Trying out a teething biscuit

And a pizza crust, that's Brent for ya!

He's adorable after a bath

He now LOVES these little rings.

everything goes in the mouth

I've had fun with the rings too!

Flexing so strong!


The Hamburgs said...

He is getting so big!! And He is just so so cute!

Hogan said...

I just updated my reading on your posts of the last weeks. Good reads! I can't believe Croix is 7 months. I feel like I just say you not too long ago. You sound like a great mom and Croix seems very happy.
I agree we cannot judge other's choices just because they are different from ours. I have a very hard time with this. I'm not a mom but I see that as long as the children are loved it all seems to work out. Moms want what is best for their children and sometimes I think at the consequence of thinking that is also best for everyone else's children.
I am sure you will never forget the day Croix choked. I know a couple who lost one of their children because he choked on some food. One of the first people I told (not Dan) said where were the parents when it happened? They should have been watching his more closely. I was so sad at this comment because I cannot imagine a mother or father would ever forgive themselves for what happened, but we cannot ever judge them or think they were at fault for such a tragic accident.