Friday, March 19, 2010


I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband. I know there are lots of people who are happily married, but they have to work at it. I'm not saying marriage is not work, and that we don't have moments of bad communication, sleep deprivation, and work, but it seems so easy for us. We really are such a good fit for each other. I'll tell you a great story about why, you will probably laugh at my silliness, feel free, I know it's ridiculous! First I have to give a little back ground.....

I've never considered my self super fashionable. I'm not a wreck but I certainly am not the most stylish trendy person out there. I have expensive taste. I've come to realize this over the years. I wish I didn't! I can walk into a store, browse, find something that I love, check the tag and somehow it's the most expensive thing in the store! I hate that! Wouldn't be such a big deal if my bank account was bottomless, but alas it it not. So I have expensive taste, and I'm cheap. Not such a good combo. I'm pretty content at the moment with my wardrobe. I only have a few things I really like but I spend most of my days in my PJ's so that's really all I need. With that said I have grown to hate all my jeans. They are just out dated and not cute. I've found jeans that I LOVE. They are $100+ not quite in the budget. I've also found similar pairs for around $50. Could be in the budget, but I'm cheap. So I keep looking. I finally found a perfect pair, dark wash, white stitching, rhinestones, ADORABLE, for only $15! That's right it pays to shop around. (This is where the wonderful husband comes in) I found them at Burlington Coat Factory. I found them in the wrong size!! I literal looked at just about every pair of jeans on the floor and they did not have that pair in my size! Now I may have over reacted but I was honestly on the verge of tears! The associates told me there were none in the back, just what was on the floor. I searched more, Brent is looking with me. We find a couple more pair in the wrong size. I ask them to call their other location to see if just maybe they have them in the right size. They told me they'd tried calling the store twice earlier in the day and nobody even answered, they are busier! I held my breath as she called, they answered!!!! Then we waited on hold FOREVER!!! Then we got hung up on!! Called back, thankfully they answered again, on hold again. Then she came back.....SHE FOUND THEM!!!!!! I asked them to hold them till the next day. On the way home Brent says he's just going to go get them for me that night. I told him no, he didn't have to. It was already after 7 and it's a long drive to the other mall I could just go the next day. He says, what if a client calls to get a massage, or if Croix has a bad day and you don't make it there! You were almost in tears! I'll just go get them. And that's just what he did! He drove forever away just to get me some jeans! Then two days later I went shopping with a girl friend (which ps the last time I did that was about 5 mo. ago). We were way longer then expected. It was late when I got home. He didn't say a word about how long I'd been, didn't ask how much money I'd spent, had dinner waiting, had fed Croix and kept him happy and entertained. How I love that man!!!!

Oh and did I mention he's an amazing Dad!

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Heather said...

What a good hubby! Gold star for you Brent! And way to go on your bargain hunitng skills, were those the jeans you wore in the shoot? You looked smokin'! :)