Monday, March 8, 2010

The Zoo

We found out Sat. afternoon that the zoo was free to B of A card holders (which we are) and the weather could not have been any more perfect. I'm talking 70 degrees with a gentle breeze and lots of sunshine! So we hit up the zoo for the first time with little Croix. He seemed to love the trees and people more then the animals but he LOVES being outside so it was really fun. Being obsessed with my child like I am I took a million pictures! Which I'm glad I did. I believe we got some really great shots (including my new favorite picture) of Croix and his many different expressions! I was filled with love and joy and gratitude as we were walking and I realized this is what I dreamed of for years. My own little family enjoying a beautiful day at the zoo! I kissed Brent and relished the moment. How I love my life!!!!!
Me telling Croix all about the giraffes

Croix telling me how cool the giraffes are

I love my boys!!

"What's up?"

SO excited!!

Lions, can you see the other one? It's in the back ground.

Daddy & Croix checking out the lions


Croix thinking of what it would be like to be a monkey

Daddy and Croix checking out the Monkeys

We also saw birds

So happy!

He loves his tongue

Isn't he adorable!

My new favorite picture!

Getting Daddy kisses

Croix and his cousin Seth

Croix is SO FUNNY!!!

HAHA Check out Croix's lip! hee hee

Croix saw the monkeys climbing all over each other and thought it looked like a good idea.

The baby monkey was swinging around.

drool our constant companion.

And as a last minute thought, proof I was there.....It seems I'm always being the camera, so I never have pics of me with Croix, so we made sure to get a few.

On the way home we saw this

It was a perfect afternoon!


Heather said...

Fun fun! What a great day. I love the many faces of Croix you captured and that child has bea-utiful eyes. :)

Crissylady said...

Ummmm I was totally at the zoo on Saturday! Haha I wonder if we passed each other? And your pics are super cute!

KJ said...

Zoo trips with little ones. Such fun. I am with Heather, what eyes that little one has. So adorable.

Hulse Family said...

Oh Terina I am so happy for you. Reading your post made me remember my first day at the zoo with Daniel. You made me cry. No one is more deserving of such happiness than you and Brent.