Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sleep...You Fickle Thing

Croix has done great with "cry it out" I can now put him in his crib awake and he will fuss for a few min and then go right to sleep. Actually most of the time, he doesn't even fuss any more, just goes to sleep. Ignoring him when he woke up and cried at night got him sleeping through the night again. He didn't even cry very long then either. So now we've got a great routine which makes life a million times easier. Naps are at 10 and 2 bed time is 8. It's great! Right about the time we get all this figured out he decided to wake up after sleeping only 30 min! He was sleeping and hour and a half, to two hours, 30 min doesn't quite cut it! I wasn't quite sure what to do about this. A few times I ran in and snuggled him back to sleep and he then slept for another hour or so. Twice I let him cry, which he did for half an hour not going back to sleep. Once I even nursed him back to sleep accidentally. I was super tired, he eats when he wakes up, so I was feeding him and we both just fell asleep. I didn't want to continue putting him back to sleep every nap after 30 min, but I want him to take a longer nap then 30 min. He really needs it. When he wakes up after 30 min he is still very tired! Which then makes it very difficult to make it to our next sleep time! I was getting a little frustrated. Just when I figured it out, he came up with a new problem! My sweet boy being a little stinker! I realize sleep, parenting, discipline will probably always be this way, once we get it all figured out, he will change. I'm sure when another little angel comes to our family it will ALL be different. So rather then getting frustrated, I change with him, we figure it out, we grow. Today I just let him cry after he woke up with only 30 min of sleep in, am nap he cried for about 20 min off and on, pm nap only 10. Hopefully in a few days there will be no waking till he's good and rested! Here's to hoping!

And because what's a blog post with out pics........

The next two are practically the same, but a little different, I couldn't decide which I liked better, so you get them both! They make me laugh! He's started doing this lately, putting his hand on his head, oh the stress of a 6 mo. old! :D

I think I might like this last one best, like he's just so full, sitting thinking about life. Love him!

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Mike & Hilary said...

I like the last one, too. :)

Too funny!