Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday Banner and Invitations

Croix's Birthday Party is going to have crab shack theme.  So I made little Crab invitations,

TONS of little crab legs
Little crab bodies

It says :
Croix is 
Come joing us for the fun.
It will be a crab shack pool party,
So come in your swim suit 
Or you'll be sorry!

I also made a birthday banner for Croix.  We'll use it at his party and then every year on his birthday we will hang it up.  A fun tradition to make his special day just a little more special.

Croix loved the felt

Twenty little triangles

Twenty little diamonds

Turned into Twenty of theses

Which we then assembled.

To make a banner that says:

Now I just have to make the party as fabulous as the invitations and banner!


Artsy Aut said...

That is an awesome banner! Its HUGE! I love it. Im sure Croix will love it every year on his birthday

Elizabeth Farnsworth said...

Everything turned out so cute!

Kalena and Justin said...

Love the Banner and you say you arent crafty. Hope the party was fun.