Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I'm going to shamelessly solicit votes from you.  I entered a silly contest.  It's a hot mom contest.  I don't really have a giant ego and think I'm a super hottie or anything like that.  It was just easy to enter, upload a pic, that's it.  The prize is pretty nice, $2,000, plus a vacation, plus $1,000 at some gym/weight loss center!  I have lots of things I could do with $2,000!  So I uploaded a picture.  I figured all these contests really are anyway is seeing who can get the most votes.  SOOOO  Will you please vote for me?  It's really simple.  Just click on the link below, enter your email and there ya have it, you voted for me!  I know that about 150 people a week come and look at my blog, that could add up to a lot of votes!

Thank you!  PS you can vote daily, and please do!  It only take 1 min (literaly) 

Also this is more and FYI my nephew is doing a fundraiser and they are selling 3 mo. memberships to Fitness Works for $20!  It's a great deal.  It also come with passes for child care and coupons for local businesses (golden spoon, jamba juice etc).  It is also good at any Fitness Works location.  I'm taking advantage of it so I just thought I'd share the great deal with all of you!  If you are interested just let me know in a comment and I'll tell you how to take advantage of the offer.


The Hansens said...

Since you said that you are taking advantage of the membership, I still have child care coupons that I didn't use with my membership. You are more than welcome to take them off my hands. :)

Stephanie and Cody Sunderhaus said...

I voted for you!! :)