Monday, August 9, 2010

Taking Back the Ta-Tas!!

We have started weaning!! I'm quite happy about this!  I was planning to wait until Croix was a year to start since I'd had some concerns about him having a milk protein allergy.  For the past few weeks at Croix's night time feeding he has seemed unsatisfied and so we've been supplementing with a bottle.  I didn't worry too much about it since he was so close to a year.  Gradually he started nursing shorter and shorter and eating more and more form a bottle.  Then one night he actually seemed frustrated that I had him nurse before giving him a bottle.  I knew then he was as ready as I was.  He was only a few weeks away from being one.  So I called the pediatrician the next day to discuss giving him cows milk.  I didn't want to wean him from the breast and then wean him from a bottle.  I wanted to go straight to the sippy cup.  The Dr. said it should be fine, told me what symptoms to watch for as far as allergies and that very day we dropped the night time feeding.  Croix didn't even seem to care!  He just drank all his milk from his sippy cup and went to bed no problem.  The next night I had Brent feed him.  Croix didn't do quite as well.  He didn't drink hardly anything.  I was worried he might wake up in the night.  Nope!  He slept right through the night.  Woke up pretty hungry though!  I also dropped his mid morning feed the next day.  My supply had been decreasing.  I wonder if this might be partially contributed to the fact that I had stopped eating oat meal, which helps increase milk supply, in anticipation of weaning.  So I had no problem dropping two feedings within a couple days.  So far so good.  I'm hoping to have him completely weaned here with in a week.  I can literally taste the freedom!  It's been so nice if we need to run somewhere to grab a sippy cup and jet out.  No waiting around for distracted Croix to finish nursing.  I can wear anything I want.  I don't have to wear underwear that have easy access to the girls.  Ahhhhh it's nice!  I feel so blessed that Croix and I had an easy time with nursing.  That we were able to make it this long.  I know there are plenty of people who are not as lucky. I'm also grateful to be moving on.

Today Croix got up from his nap.  We went downstairs where I sat him in the recliner, put a pillow on his lap with his sippy cup on top of it.  Then I went and made myself lunch, while he ate, by himself!  It was glorious!!

This is a picture of freedom!

Now that I've gone on and on about how nice it is there was a bitter sweet moment a couple days ago.  Croix is on a eat play sleep schedule.  Which means he eats right after he wakes up.  This has worked great for us.  Occasionally Croix will wake up, and then fall back to sleep while nursing.  Occasionally I'd let him just sleep, especially if he didn't take a long nap.  Two days after we started weaning he woke up and did just that, feel dead asleep nursing.  As my butt was falling asleep in my uncomfortable computer chair, and my back started to get stiff and hurt, I thought to myself, this will probably be the last time this every happens.  Part of me was happy about this!  No more being stuck, with a baby stuck to me.  No more being uncomfortable.  No more wasting time on the computer while Croix caught a few more zzzzz's.  Then the sentimental side of me was oh so sad.  My baby is growing up!  He's turning into such a big boy!  Needing me less and less (in some aspects).  I ended up getting a little teary eyed and just staring and my peaceful sleeping beautiful boy.  I soaked in his sweetness and relished the final moments of his sleep nursing. 

I feel like weaning is entering a whole new chapter for us. A one year old!  Solid foods, self feeding, greater independence for both of us.  I feel like we're saying good-bye to Croix the baby and hello to Croix the toddler.  I'm sure the toddler years will be full of a whole new round of unknowns, tears, joys and discoveries.  I'm so excited!

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