Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Eleven Months

Can you believe he's eleven months old already!?!?!  Gah it goes way too fast!  These are things I want remember about Croix at 11 months
He has learned to get on and off the couch by himself
He's started squealing a lot more, well maybe more screaming.
He stands by himself and can lower himself down into a squat and back up.
He will copy us if we make a funny face.
He can turn pages in books, and has favorite books.
He loves to walk in between Brent and I, but that's about the only place by himself.
He says Dada and knows that means Brent
He's trying to say the dogs names.
He's taken 10 little steps all by himself and cruses along everything.
He uses everything as a walker, dinning room chairs, toy bin, learning table.
He runs from the dogs.
His favorite toys are Leap Frog learning table, sensory balls, the giant exercise ball.
He has his top two teeth for a total of 4 teeth, still an easy teether.
He loves when I make bee noises.
He will blow raspberries on my belly.
He drinks from a sippy cup with a straw.
He loves big people food and self feeding.
He loves bath time but doesn't care too much for the pool.
He is very friendly at church.
He has learned how to open cupboards and drawers. He opens drawers (like my makeup drawer) sticks what ever he can grab in his mouth, throws it on the floor and repeats over and over.
He has finally learned to go DOWN the stairs.  Although I still don't trust him by himself.
He crawls forward and then pushes himself backward on his tummy.
He now gets bored and needs socialization with other kids/people and to see a different environment then his own home.
He is a joy and learning and growing every day!

Yes that is the trash can he's playing with

He loves his big boy buddies!

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Heather said...

So big! Kate loves to grab the trash can liner too and now that they can stand nothing seems to be off limits! I love how he is using the dog to get up on the couch.