Monday, August 23, 2010


Our big fur-baby Bosco died August 14th 2010.  We are left with a giant hole in our hearts.  He brought so much joy to our lives and is missed terribly.  Our home and our lives feel a little emptier with out him.  He was the best dog in the world!

He was a chew toy

He was smart
He was an excellent Brother, to Rusty.....

to Rusty.....

,,,and to Croix

Occasionally he was a step stool
He made us smile

He made us laugh

He slept in the funniest positions

He was everybody's best friend

He did a wonderful job of pre-washing our dishes
He had the sweetest pleading eyes
He was a good looking dog

He LOVED to snuggle
He was truly a part of our family!
While we struggled to have a family Bosco filled, in some small measure the ache and longing in my heart.  When I didn't want to call and cry the same sad song to friends that they had heard the month before Bosco was right there to snuggle with me as I cried on the floor.

We love and miss you Bosco!  See you on the other side!

*The vet said he probably died from a heart attack.  He had survived cancer and valley fever.  The valley fever had caused him to collapse and "die" a few years ago.  He recovered but had a weakened heart and liver.  In a way he was already living on borrowed time.  He was only 6 1/2, had no signs of being sick.  We anticipated many more years with him.  We will cherish every minute we had with him.  

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Artsy Aut said...

So sad! You have so many great memories and pictures of that sweet pup. It sounds like he didnt suffer and that is a good thing. Im sorry that you have to go throught this. I cant imagine. Keep strong!