Monday, August 23, 2010


Croix is completely weaned.  He had his last feeding on this past Thursday. He has done great!  He doesn't seem to really miss nursing.  He takes his sippy cup without protest.  He hasn't had any negative reactions to cows milk.  He loves, LOVES, LOVES a little pediasure added to his milk.  I feel very blessed that the weaning process had been so easy for him.  For me on the other hand....can I just say OUCH!  It seems like everything I do hurts!  I can't give a proper hug.  There are times it seems like Croix is just out to cause pain.  Clogged ducts and hand pumping have become a daily occurrence.  This is no fun!  I have a friend who reccomended taking Benadryl to help "dry up".  I started that this morning.  I really hope it works, and fast!  It's making me very groggy.  It will be worth it though if it speeds this whole process up!  Good grief!  I'm wondering, all you Mom's out there who've been through this already, any suggestions of things that will help?  How long did it take you to not be uncomfortable anymore?  How long was it before you "dried up"?


Kendra said...

I dried up fairly quick, but I slowly weaned them down (was down to one feeding for usually about a week or so, for example) so I didn't have much to dry up from - if that makes sense. My doctor's office told me to call when I was ready to wean and they'd put me on a different birth control that would help dry me up (never did call) so that might be an option. Try to not pump - only do a little to relieve the pressure because otherwise your body will think it needs to continue producing. Instead, you could try expressing a little in the shower to get rid of the pressure. Then you aren't pumping and encouraging yourself to make more. Just some ideas. Good luck with it!

Rachel Hanchett said...

Have you heard of using cabbage leaves? It is usually a remedy for Mastitis or engorgement but if you do it regularly it will help dry up your milk. Here is some info about it!
Apply cold cabbage leaf compresses to your breasts. During the time of the missed feeds, use of cabbage compresses will help to relieve engorgement, and may also help to reduce your milk supply. To prepare, wash and separate cabbage leaves and chill in a large zip-lock style bag or airtight container in the refrigerator until needed. Crumple slightly in hand to crush veins in cabbage. Apply one or more leaves, covering your entire breast, and secure inside the cups of your bra. Wear for about two hours or until wilted. Reapply as needed. I would not recommend wearing cabbage leaves all day because it has been reported that they can diminish your milk supply.
Wear a comfortable supportive bra. While you are in the process of weaning, you may find a sports bra provides the firm support you need. Binding of your breasts is an outdated practice and is no longer recommended.

Heather said...

I second the cabbage leaves. A nurse gave me some after Camden died and I smelled like an onion for some reason but they felt sooo good fresh from the fridge. Took a few days for me to dry up but I didn't nurse for a year either.

I plan on slowly weaning so I hopefully don't run into this. Sorry you are feeling poorly, not fun!