Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He Gets it From His Mama

I've been hearing that a lot lately in regards to Croix's size. He's tiny. At our Dr. visit for his cold (I just rolled my eyes) he of course got weighed. He's up to a whopping 16.3. Geez! I calculated it on the growth chart and the puts him in the 9%! After telling a few people that and hearing the same thing "He must get that from you" I thought humm I wonder if he did. I know I'm small now, I know I was tiny when I was born, 4.3, and I remember being small in school. It was always me and Eva Dickey who were the smallest in the class all of elementary school. But did this mean I was a small baby too, was I under the 10%?? So I called up my mom and told her where Croix is on the growth chart and how people keep saying he must get it from me, so I was just wondering, was I always super small? Was I really low on the growth chart too? She laughed and said "You fell off the chart!" I thought I'd heard her wrong or something so I said what? She repeated, yeah you fell off the chart, you were so small. You only weighted 16 lbs and wore a size 2 shoe at a year! You were really funny walking around, you looked like a midget. HA! Well Maybe I shouldn't worry about Croix too much if he already weighs as much as I did at a year at 7 mo. Of all the things for my SON to get from me it's my size? Blah! Boys are supposed to be big and tough! He's a little clone of Brent only miniature sized I guess. Oh well he eats great and developmentally is right on so I will choose not to worry.

Just for fun, this is how much the look a like!

And So It Begins, Mobility

You'll never believe what my little one did yesterday. I was working babysitting (yeah that's right I had 3 kids under 3 and 4 kids most of the day!). I had changed Croix's diaper, I sat him down next to their ottoman, went to throw away the diaper and wash my hands. After disposing of the diaper I go to the sink and glance over at Croix. HE'S STANDING UP!!!!! I could not believe it! He had pulled himself up on the edge of the ottoman and was standing there! I looked at him and said "Croix what did you do?" He just smiled the biggest smile ever! I just couldn't believe it. I went over and clapped for him and cheered him on, he just smiled as though he'd conquered the world! He tired it again later in the day and didn't quite make it. He got quite mad about that too! So now he can pull himself up, he's days away from crawling I'm sure. He's up on his hands and knees all the time and a few days ago started picking up one hand while on his hands and knees. Time to get the carpets cleaned!!!

I didn't have my camera, so I missed it :( but I did take this cute video of him in the swing for the first time. He loves being outside and LOVED the swing.

Friday, March 26, 2010

7 Months!!!!

Yup! Croix is seven months old now. He's been trying new foods. He eats like a champ. Has yet to find something he doesn't like. He did really LOVE the vanilla banana custard! I thought it was pretty tasty too! LOL We did his second poo test. Still no blood so we'll see what the Dr. says about that at our next check up. Oh and the blood was not from straining to go. Both times it happened were before we really introduced solids and before he started having a hard time. We were at the pediatrician’s yesterday. Croix had started coughing and has been shaking his head every now and then. I thought maybe he had an ear infection. Nope just a cold! I felt a little silly taking him the Dr. for a cold but better safe than sorry right! I got some dissolving puffs for him to try. He LOVES them. I got two different kinds. Some are longer, like Cheetos, only not quite as long and the others are kind of like a triangle. He did a lot better with the long ones. The triangles he kind of gagged on a bit. Then he really choked on one. Not gagging, choked, no noise, no breathing, turning red choking! I tried fishing it out with my finger but couldn't get it so I had to fly into action and turn him upside down and whack his back. The stupid thing went flying out. He then vomited twice, and then was happy as could be. I freaked out after it was all over. All I could think was he could have died! What if I had freaked out and froze? What if I hadn't known what to do? What if it hadn't come out! He could have died! I snuggled him close that whole night. Tired not to think about it too much! He will not be eating those dissolving puffs for a while! I've also tried introducing the sippy cup. He was not interested so I got some pedialyte and now he really likes it. He still hasn't figured out the whole picking it up and getting it to his mouth part but he likes what's inside. He is getting ready to crawl. He has gotten up on his hands and knees a few times before but this past week he's been doing it a lot lately. Not only does he get on his hands and knees but he's rocking too. The fun is just about to start! Soon I won’t be able to keep him on a blanket on the floor. Time to baby proof, and get the carpets cleaned! He loves going for walks and exploring the great out doors. He is a doll and we love him! He makes the world a better place!

He's great a making a mess.

After I thought I had him all cleaned up I noticed his ear!

He LOVES his Daddy!

Look at that clearance!

Trying out a teething biscuit

And a pizza crust, that's Brent for ya!

He's adorable after a bath

He now LOVES these little rings.

everything goes in the mouth

I've had fun with the rings too!

Flexing so strong!

First Time to the Pool

It was kind of a bust! Friends of our had gone the previous day, during the day, said it was perfect. We went the next day after Brent got home from work. It was warm, probably would have been perfect in the hottest, sunniest part of the day, but at 5 pm, not so perfect. I've been dying to get Croix in the pool since he loves the bath so much. I don't think it was warm enough for him to really enjoy it. He only lasted in the pool a few minutes. Didn't quite know what he thought. I think his favorite part was snuggling up in a towel with me when he got out! So I'm still excited to see Croix at the pool.....when it's warmer!
On the steps checking in out

Not so sure what to think.

His favorite part! Hopefully we'll have great happy pictures of us at the pool soon!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mom Guilt and Judgement

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I, generally speaking am a very non judgmental person. Over the years I've learned you don't know a person’s heart, there motivations, there past experiences, therefore you can't judge them. This was a lesson I learned after making some decisions that were not the best I could have made. While going through the repentance process, counseling, and soul searching I came to realize that a huge factor in my emotional state when I made these decisions was my abusive father. I hadn't realized how the abuse had manifested it's self in my life through bad decisions until well after the fact. Realizing that, I hoped that people did not judge me too harshly based on my decisions alone, because there was a lot more going on than just the decision. After that I've tried to make a point of being open minded and unassuming in regards to others actions. Even actions that certainly are wrong may be influenced by events or factors unknown to me. So I try and leave it to the lord to judge. With that said as a Mom I find myself awfully judgmental!?!?!?! What the heck?

I started thinking about this after another mom at church was talking about formula feeding her baby. He's had severe allergy problems and simply could not tolerate her breast milk. So she had to switch to formula. She made a comment about how she just wanted to tell everyone that she wants to breastfeed, but can't with her little guy. I couldn't help but think that she must be having some major mom guilt. She said she'd never formula fed her 3 older children. So she must obviously think breastfeeding is best. I felt bad for her! I think as moms we are all just doing the best we can. We are all doing what works best for us. Sometimes I step back and analyze my thoughts about other people and I feel a little like a know-it-all teenager! Where in the world did this come from? Reading a few books and researching a few things? Why do I feel like what's working for me is the "right" way to do things? I think as moms we feel judged/pass judgment on so many different things. Letting you baby sleep in bed with you. Putting them in a crib too soon. Breastfeeding too long. Not breastfeeding long enough. Letting your baby cry too long. Not letting your baby cry at all. Having too strict of a schedule. Not have any schedule. Using store brands. Not using store brands. Using medications. Not using medications (this specifically comes to mind with teething). Vaccinating. Not vaccinating. If your baby is too small. If your baby is too big. Making homemade clothes, bibs, blankest, etc. Store buying everything. Making your own baby food. Buying baby food. Not feeding organic baby food. If your house is too dirty. If your house is too clean. Oh my goodness the list goes on and on!

It seems that with every parenting decision there is guilt, or judgment! Someone, either another mom or some expert from some book, saying a different way is better! My realization is that I need to not judge the mom who breastfeeds to sooth and calm her child. Just because that's not how I do it doesn't mean she's wrong to do it that way. I need to not judge the mom who doesn't let her child cry at night to go back to sleep. I almost didn't do that myself. Just because I found great success in that doesn't mean it works for everyone! I also felt pretty guilty listening to Croix cry himself to sleep when we first started doing that. I need to acknowledge that we are all doing the best we can. We are all figuring it out as we go. We all love our children. The Lord loves all of us and I need to show more love and less judgment for how others choose to parent! So to any of you who I may have judged, I’m sorry! I’m trying to be a better person!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lady Killer

Friday, March 19, 2010


I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband. I know there are lots of people who are happily married, but they have to work at it. I'm not saying marriage is not work, and that we don't have moments of bad communication, sleep deprivation, and work, but it seems so easy for us. We really are such a good fit for each other. I'll tell you a great story about why, you will probably laugh at my silliness, feel free, I know it's ridiculous! First I have to give a little back ground.....

I've never considered my self super fashionable. I'm not a wreck but I certainly am not the most stylish trendy person out there. I have expensive taste. I've come to realize this over the years. I wish I didn't! I can walk into a store, browse, find something that I love, check the tag and somehow it's the most expensive thing in the store! I hate that! Wouldn't be such a big deal if my bank account was bottomless, but alas it it not. So I have expensive taste, and I'm cheap. Not such a good combo. I'm pretty content at the moment with my wardrobe. I only have a few things I really like but I spend most of my days in my PJ's so that's really all I need. With that said I have grown to hate all my jeans. They are just out dated and not cute. I've found jeans that I LOVE. They are $100+ not quite in the budget. I've also found similar pairs for around $50. Could be in the budget, but I'm cheap. So I keep looking. I finally found a perfect pair, dark wash, white stitching, rhinestones, ADORABLE, for only $15! That's right it pays to shop around. (This is where the wonderful husband comes in) I found them at Burlington Coat Factory. I found them in the wrong size!! I literal looked at just about every pair of jeans on the floor and they did not have that pair in my size! Now I may have over reacted but I was honestly on the verge of tears! The associates told me there were none in the back, just what was on the floor. I searched more, Brent is looking with me. We find a couple more pair in the wrong size. I ask them to call their other location to see if just maybe they have them in the right size. They told me they'd tried calling the store twice earlier in the day and nobody even answered, they are busier! I held my breath as she called, they answered!!!! Then we waited on hold FOREVER!!! Then we got hung up on!! Called back, thankfully they answered again, on hold again. Then she came back.....SHE FOUND THEM!!!!!! I asked them to hold them till the next day. On the way home Brent says he's just going to go get them for me that night. I told him no, he didn't have to. It was already after 7 and it's a long drive to the other mall I could just go the next day. He says, what if a client calls to get a massage, or if Croix has a bad day and you don't make it there! You were almost in tears! I'll just go get them. And that's just what he did! He drove forever away just to get me some jeans! Then two days later I went shopping with a girl friend (which ps the last time I did that was about 5 mo. ago). We were way longer then expected. It was late when I got home. He didn't say a word about how long I'd been, didn't ask how much money I'd spent, had dinner waiting, had fed Croix and kept him happy and entertained. How I love that man!!!!

Oh and did I mention he's an amazing Dad!

Six Months!

Actually at this point, almost seven!! Can you believe it! I can't believe how fast it's flying by! My little guy is just that, a little guy. I went and visited my dear friend Liz of Red Bucket Photography, (the one who did Croix new born and 3 mo. pics) who just had a sweet baby boy. How in just under seven months could I have forgotten how little they are when they first come to you? Croix's six mo. check up was not our best yet. Apparently he's on the small side, I don't remember what percentage was which (head, length, weight) but the were 10, 15, 20%. Humm I never would have guess, he seems so big to me! The Dr. suggested supplementing with formula. I decided not to do that! We are still doing great breastfeeding and that is good with me! We have introduced baby food. He really seems to like green beans! He's such a good little eater! The solids have made it more difficult for him to go poo. I've found out foods that help with that and he's even doing better in the department! I think I'm truly completely obsessed with him, I even think he is just too cute when he's all red faced and grunting trying to poo! HA! Also at his six mo. check up I mentioned to the Dr. that he's had blood in his stool twice. He ordered some labs to check for some things. If I thought shots were bad I had no clue! Holding my screaming child down while someone fished around in his arm for a vein was the worst! We both cried. He had a bruise :( Blood work and poo analysis came back normal. We have to repeat the poo test. Hopefully all is well and it was just randomness. He sits with no problem, scoots himself around, loves baths, massages, his doggies, and his Daddy! Croix gets so excited when his Daddy comes home! It's adorable and melts my heart!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from his six month session. Our dear friend Heather, of Heather Gunnell Photography took over his 6 mo. session for Liz, since she just had her own little one. She's the one who did our maternity pictures, and Christmas pictures a couple years ago.

Croix did not like the grass! He also did not want to sit by himself! He was a bit of a stinker but our excellent photographer still captured some great shots! To see the rest of the pics just stop by our online photo album.

Happy St. Pattys Day

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We Have A Tooth!

But no pics of it yet. Just wanted to let you know Croix has sprouted a tooth. It's the front bottom right tooth. He is working really hard on growing the one next to it! I'm sure before we know it he'll have two teeth! So glad he hasn't been completely miserable for teething!!!

I may not have a pic of his tooth but I've got a good cute pic of him!! :D

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sleep...You Fickle Thing

Croix has done great with "cry it out" I can now put him in his crib awake and he will fuss for a few min and then go right to sleep. Actually most of the time, he doesn't even fuss any more, just goes to sleep. Ignoring him when he woke up and cried at night got him sleeping through the night again. He didn't even cry very long then either. So now we've got a great routine which makes life a million times easier. Naps are at 10 and 2 bed time is 8. It's great! Right about the time we get all this figured out he decided to wake up after sleeping only 30 min! He was sleeping and hour and a half, to two hours, 30 min doesn't quite cut it! I wasn't quite sure what to do about this. A few times I ran in and snuggled him back to sleep and he then slept for another hour or so. Twice I let him cry, which he did for half an hour not going back to sleep. Once I even nursed him back to sleep accidentally. I was super tired, he eats when he wakes up, so I was feeding him and we both just fell asleep. I didn't want to continue putting him back to sleep every nap after 30 min, but I want him to take a longer nap then 30 min. He really needs it. When he wakes up after 30 min he is still very tired! Which then makes it very difficult to make it to our next sleep time! I was getting a little frustrated. Just when I figured it out, he came up with a new problem! My sweet boy being a little stinker! I realize sleep, parenting, discipline will probably always be this way, once we get it all figured out, he will change. I'm sure when another little angel comes to our family it will ALL be different. So rather then getting frustrated, I change with him, we figure it out, we grow. Today I just let him cry after he woke up with only 30 min of sleep in, am nap he cried for about 20 min off and on, pm nap only 10. Hopefully in a few days there will be no waking till he's good and rested! Here's to hoping!

And because what's a blog post with out pics........

The next two are practically the same, but a little different, I couldn't decide which I liked better, so you get them both! They make me laugh! He's started doing this lately, putting his hand on his head, oh the stress of a 6 mo. old! :D

I think I might like this last one best, like he's just so full, sitting thinking about life. Love him!

Verizon Woes

That is what my phone used to look like..........This is my phone now

Let me just tell you of the problems I've been having with Verizon. I will preface this by saying I've been a Verizon customer for 9 years (wow!) and have always been happy with them, until recently. Here's the problem first of all I have been paying insurance on my phone for YEARS. AFter loosing a phone once and paying lots of money for a new one I always felt it was worth it to not have to pay for a new phone if you lost one. Also the phone I have cost a pretty penny so I felt is was worth it to not pay that much again for a new one. So I pay insurance for years......let's multiply $6 a mo. times 3 years this in my mind equals a reasonable expectation for a new phone when I need one. NO! My puppy chewed my phone and they wanted to charge me $50 "deductible" to replace it. So please Verizon tell my what was the point of paying insurance? I promptly canceled the insurance and decided I'd waited 6 + months till I was eligible for my ''new every two'' (even though I'd be happy with a replacement of my current phone I really like it). Only to find out when I went to get a new phone if I want one that is comparable, touch screen, capabilities for Internet, full key board, etc. They are going to raise my bill $10 a mo. I'm not looking to raise my monthly expenses I'm looking to LOWER them....have you not heard WE'RE IN A RECESSION! When I got my current phone with all the capabilities I had the option to simply pay for using them, IF and when I used them. I have only used them a couple times but they have been lifesavers when I have. So I like having that option I just don't want to pay a monthly fee for something I use maybe a few times a year! I expressed this to the nice cust. service fellow he says "oh yeah you're not the only one that's been saying that so in April we are going to add more phones to the "simple phones" (the ones that don't require the $10 a mo. increase in your bill) Well kind Verizon man I've already been waiting close to a year to get a cool new phone, My phone only half way works I don't want to wait till April! But if I don't want to wait till April I have the option of about two phones that are crappy or increasing my bill. THAT dear friends is my problem with Verizon! I was also told the reason why they are now making it mandatory to have the data plan (the additional $10 a mo. charge) is because lots of people did what I did. Decided to pay as the go for using Internet, navigation etc. Only it seems the rest of America is retarded. They used those services and then complained about how high their bills were. So I, a responsible person am being punished for everyone else being stupid and using there phones with out thinking about the charges they would be incurring!!!!! So here I am with my phone, it's literally falling apart. The touch screen no longer works, the texting wigs out, it takes at least 2 min for my camera to load (so much for capturing great moments in Croix's life on my phone), one of the hinges is broken so it's just about to break apart into pieces, the buttons on the front on longer work and my Z button doesn't work. I'm waiting till April. There had better be a great phone ava. or I'm gong to be pissed!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Zoo

We found out Sat. afternoon that the zoo was free to B of A card holders (which we are) and the weather could not have been any more perfect. I'm talking 70 degrees with a gentle breeze and lots of sunshine! So we hit up the zoo for the first time with little Croix. He seemed to love the trees and people more then the animals but he LOVES being outside so it was really fun. Being obsessed with my child like I am I took a million pictures! Which I'm glad I did. I believe we got some really great shots (including my new favorite picture) of Croix and his many different expressions! I was filled with love and joy and gratitude as we were walking and I realized this is what I dreamed of for years. My own little family enjoying a beautiful day at the zoo! I kissed Brent and relished the moment. How I love my life!!!!!
Me telling Croix all about the giraffes

Croix telling me how cool the giraffes are

I love my boys!!

"What's up?"

SO excited!!

Lions, can you see the other one? It's in the back ground.

Daddy & Croix checking out the lions


Croix thinking of what it would be like to be a monkey

Daddy and Croix checking out the Monkeys

We also saw birds

So happy!

He loves his tongue

Isn't he adorable!

My new favorite picture!

Getting Daddy kisses

Croix and his cousin Seth

Croix is SO FUNNY!!!

HAHA Check out Croix's lip! hee hee

Croix saw the monkeys climbing all over each other and thought it looked like a good idea.

The baby monkey was swinging around.

drool our constant companion.

And as a last minute thought, proof I was there.....It seems I'm always being the camera, so I never have pics of me with Croix, so we made sure to get a few.

On the way home we saw this

It was a perfect afternoon!