Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fervent Prayer

The other night I watched The Lovely Bones. I had read the book years ago and thought I'd check out the movie. I don't think I'd recommend it, it was weird. But this is not a movie review post. The story is of a girl who has been murdered. She is telling the story from the after life. She is stuck between life and heaven. She watches her family as they realize she is missing, search for her, long for her, hold onto hope, find her remains, and then cope with loosing a child and the realization that she is gone. This is the first time since becoming a mother that I have watched that type of movie. It made my heart ache. I know what evil things are out there. I watch Oprah episodes about child predators and even at his young age I think of how to protect him. Yet I also know there is only so much I can do to protect my child. Which made me worry, what if I can't protect him. What if
something horrible happens to him. I went straight into his room and soaked up his innocence. I prayed a fervent prayer. Please keep him safe. Please keep him close. Please help me to teach him to be smart and cautious without making him afraid of the world. Please never take him from me.  Then I laid a gentle kiss upon his soft cheek, lingered a little longer, went to bed and prayed a little more.

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Crystal-lynn said...

Thanks for making me cry! :p
.... All joking aside, I totally agree on the movie, kinda weird. Also saw it right before a guy broke up with me, so even less goodness associated with it in my mind. But I can totally see from a mother's perspective the impact that kind of movie could have on your heart! Oh, I pray for both my little nephews, too!