Monday, February 21, 2011


I'm really beginning to dislike Monday.  It's a let down that Brent has to go back to work.  We always have such a great time on the weekends.  We miss him.  Sundays are bad for Croix's nap.  Church and nap time are both at 12.  Which means Croix doesn't really get a nap.  Which makes Monday not so pleasant.  (He is currently crying himself back to sleep because he woke up from his nap after only 45 min and that is simply not long enough when he didn't get a nap yesterday, really not long enough on any day)  Croix is tired and grumpy and a tough toddler.  But neither of those are the real reason I hate (oh yeah maybe I hate Monday not just dislike) Monday.  It's the fact that my house is ALWAYS a disaster on Monday.  Remember all that fun we have on the weekend...well it doesn't leave a ton of time or desire for cleaning.  Also Brent usually helps out with the cooking on the weekends, which I love.  BUT he's not as good about cleaning up after himself as I am.  This morning I came downstairs to dirty cloths on the floor, clean clothes on the couch, dirty dishes everywhere, mess from meals, mess from activities we did, mess mess mess!  UGH!  This leaves me trying to clean up, with a tired cranky Croix.  He screams and cries while I try and get something done.  It's pretty miserable for both of us. 

Monday I don't like you!


AZ Larsens said...

Isn't that Sunday nap thing the worst?! 12:00 church is the worst time if you have small kids.

Lisa said...

I hate Mondays too. Mostly for the reasons you listed at the end. we have so much fun that there isn't time for cleaning. Except this weekend was extra long cause David didn't have school. So my Monday is tomorrow and I am already dreading it. Looking around the house, I am SO overwhelmed. Ugh. Sorry about your cranky boy.

Erin L said...

I have a friend who says, "I am a Tuesday thru Sunday friend." I agree. Mondays are my catch up from the weekend days.