Monday, February 7, 2011

Potty Training

I guess it's official, we're potty training.  A little while ago I had pulled out an infertility book.  It had tips on how to increase your fertility.  I was wondering if there was anything in there I didn't already know.  There wasn't.  BUT there was a paragraph that struck me.  It was talking about how most commonly people start TTC by not preventing pregnancy.  Usually with a thought of, "if it happens it happens".  Then it said that is generally a mistruth in someones feelings about getting pregnant.  Usually you want to be pregnant (are you wondering what this has to do with potty training yet?  Don't worry I'll get there) or you don't.  You may stop preventing before you really WANT to be pregnant, or you might really WANT to be pregnant but don't want to seem desperate or acknowledge feelings of disappointment when it doesn't happen right away.  So we say "if it happens it happens".  I don't remember the exact verbiage but the message I got from it is you are either TTC or not.  Even not preventing is in a way trying.  It made me think about my attitude toward potty training Croix. I know he's young.  So I just kept saying "I'll just see what happens, if he does it great if not we'll wait a while".  That doesn't even make sense!  I either needed to give it a real go at it or forget it! 

That is what we've done.  Last Monday I started getting serious.  Every time he tells me he needs to go potty we go.  This is very tedious.  One day he didn't go poo at all, just said he needed to a million times that day.  I was a little disappointed and also a little concerned that he didn't go.  The next day he went! Oh boy did he go!  He's gone in the toilet everyday since then.  He still hasn't figured out that he needs to just do his business when he feels the need to.  So we'll go sit in the bathroom a couple dozen times before he actually goes, but he goes!  It is nice that he knows that poo goes in the potty, so he doesn't like to go in his diaper.  He'll hold it if we are out and about.

I broke down and got pull ups even though they are much more expensive the diapers.  Getting him on and off the toilet over and over with a diaper was just plane ridiculous!  I'll just put a pull up on him when he starts saying he needs to go and then replace it with a diaper after the business has been done and the pull up is well used.  This seems to be working out ok.  If I had any doubt that we really need pull ups it was squelched at the grocery store when Croix's diaper ended up around one of his ankles in the middle of the freezer section!  Don't worry we left the freezer isle to fix it!  Just whipped his pants down, adjusted the diaper and went back to our shopping.

As monotonous as going to the toilet and sitting with him all the time is, every time he goes it's worth it!  It also makes me so happy to think we could be out of diapers soon.  I could have a poop trained kid at 18 mo.!  Croix is amazing!

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Artsy Aut said...

Im glad to read this! I am going to start working with Baker soon. He is going to go to preschool (daycare) two days a week starting when he is 2, but he has to be potty trained. We didnt potty train Avery till he was 3! So I was worried it wouldnt be able to happen! But this gives me hope!