Thursday, February 17, 2011

Personal Progress

I have decided to redo the personal progress (PP) program. For those of you who are not LDS or who joined the church as an adult the PP program is for the young women of the church. It has value experiences for each of the YW values. There is also a project for each value. I completed PP when I was in YW as a youth but I want to do it again. They have added a value, virtue, and there are new medallions, and I lost mine! I also think it will be fun to work on it with the YW I'm over. I'm really excited about it. I realized a lot of my goals for the year will fit into PP. I'm hopeful it will help me to reestablish my habit of daily scripture study. Want to know one of the best parts? You can now do PP online! (If you follow that link you can get started right now!)   How smart right! You can read the scriptures for the goals online, journal online.  Man this is going to be a way better way to spend my time then facebook!  If you have never done PP or received your PP recognition I'd encourage you to do so! It's never too late!

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Crystal-lynn said...

I've been wanting to start Personal Progress again since I worked with the Young Women in Iron Springs Ward in '08. I moved out of the ward before I even had a chance to really get started. :(
It's among my goals for thid year to really work on it, & who knows, maybe I'll get to work with the YW again. :)