Monday, February 21, 2011


Two weeks ago I was released as the secretary in the Young Womens presidency.  I then stood up a couple minutes later and was sustained as the new adviser for the Mia Maid class.  So excited!  I worked with the Mia Miads when I was the first councilor.  The girls that were in my Mia Maid class before are all either graduated or graduating in a few months.  Yes I've been in Young Womens that long.  I love it!  They keep me young (at least at heart)  They help inspire me to be better.  I'm so excited to have "Reenlisted" in Young Womens.

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Emily said...

Lucky you - I would love being the young women's - well, I kind of was for like a month and then they released me because they got rid of the position - oh well!

I feel the same ways about Mondays too - I loathe them!