Monday, May 9, 2011


Croix and I enjoyed a Mommy and Me dance class for the past few months.  Croix loved every minute of it!  Ok maybe not quite every minute, there were a few tears our first few classes.  But then he loved it!
It was just music and movement.  Little songs with moves to go with them.  Activities perfect for a kid his age pretending to be animals, rolling hands, jumping (Croix almost go that one down), catching bugs, ridding horses, ring around the rosie type games.  We ended singing Animal Crackers by Shirley Temple, stirring animal crackers in a bowl and then having a snack.  We loved it.  The instructor is pregnant and so the class is over now.  But if she ever does it again, we'll be there for sure!

 This was Croix's favorite, being a tiger!

Croix and his buddy Lexee, they are out of focus but this is the only one where they are both looking at the camera....sigh.

A big thank you to my friends little brother who was there and took the pics for me.  It worked out well for everyone.  He was not excited to be at a little kid dance class on his spring break, but he was excited to play photographer!  And I got pictures of our little class!

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