Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trip to the Museum

Croix and I went to the Arizona Museum for Youth with our good friends Stephanie and Lexee.  It was such a cool place!  Croix and Lexee had a blast!  I think we will try and go again some time!

They had a little kitchen

A room with trees you could pick fruit off of and corn you could pick from the wall and flowers you could pick from the ground.

They have a performing room with a stage, and costumes and instruments.

Croix danced and danced and then fell on the floor!
They have a cool glow in the dark, Alice in Wonderland room, with a table set up for tea.

A TV where the kids can see them self on it.

They also have fun little crafts the kids can do.  They had fun coloring and cutting and taping.  They have a big area with huge foam blocks they can build towers with.  It was pretty awesome!


Nicole said...

Next time you go I want to go.

Arizona Dunbars said...

How fun. I wish that we had something like that up here. That really sounds awesome.