Monday, May 9, 2011

First ER Trip

We had our first ER visit last week.  Thankfully it wasn't for anything major.  Croix had the flu and hadn't been able to keep anything down the entire day, nothing, not a drop of liquid.  He was getting dehydrated and it was night time.  So we went to the ER.  I figured they'd have to give him an IV, turns out they have great anti nausea medication that did the trick.  I was so grateful too!  I was dreading my sweet baby getting an IV!  Poor Croix was so miserable and thirsty and hungry.  He kept saying and signing milk and eat.  When he finally got some juice he instantly fell asleep, at this point it was a good 2 hrs past bedtime on a healthy day.  He was so thirsty though he kept drinking even after he was asleep.  I'd put the straw in the cup, plug it with my finger and put it in his mouth.  He would smile in his sleep, still happy to be getting hydration. 

When we were still in the waiting room, at the counter giving the lady our information a car came screeching to a stop out side the door.  A Mom and Dad got out, both had blood all over them.  The Mom was carrying a blond haired little girl in her arm and was crying.  The Dad was saying over and over, "She got hit by a car we need to see a Dr. now!"  They were quickly escorted back to triage.  As soon as they were back there Croix started to cry a little.  I'm sure that was as scary a sight for him as it was for us.  I instantly said a prayer for that family, that little girl who was no bigger than Croix.  I prayed words of gratitude that we were there for something so minor.  I knew Croix would be fine and we would leave that night.  I never did find out what happened to that little girl but I've said many prayers for them.

Here is the one pic we got on my cell phone.

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