Monday, May 9, 2011


My friend Danita is pregnant.  I threw her a shower.  It was fun!  I made some fun decorations for the shower.

 Tissue paper pom poms

 Water Jugs

 A banner made out of paint sample cards from Lowes.

 Flowers for the gift table

I realized after the shower I didn't take any pics of the actual shower, just the crafts I did   :(  I felt bad.  But I did maternity pics for Danita so that makes up for it right?!?!

If you'd like to see all the pictures I took of her and her family go here


KJ's Perspective Take 2 said...

Your crafts are awesome and can I say wow! Great photography!

Heather said...

Go you blogging woman! I have so much to catch up on too and just need to do a marathon post like you did.

Cute shower/crafts and all the like, I am sure she loved it all including your family pictures.

Hooray for Warriors, fresh fruits and veggies that are homegrown, cute cheesy Croix and graduation! Goodness, you have been busy lately, huh? :)